Over the past few years, Meta has been trying to understand what typical users expect from their products. For example, many Facebook users want to experience or have the ability to use multiple profiles. This is because Facebook is a platform that assumes a user’s interests based on what they see and showcases content accordingly. In response to this demand, people want the ability to switch between multiple accounts to customize their user experience based on their interests.

Interestingly, Meta’s other dominant product, Instagram, already has this feature, but Facebook lacks it. Taking note of this, a few days ago, Zuckerberg introduced the Multiple Profiles feature to Facebook. However, since the feature was introduced, people have needed help with how to use this newly added feature. Therefore, this guide will explain everything you need about the Multiple User feature on Facebook.

Mastering Facebook’s Multiple Profile Feature: A Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook’s new multiple-profile feature aims to provide a distinct user experience. Each profile receives feeds based on what the user is most eager to see. Before this feature, there was a mix of things that people used to see. For example, while doing professional networking, the app showed private and personal feeds. Similarly, when users wanted to see the feeds of their friends and colleagues, it showed professional feeds.

How to create and use multiple Facebook account profiles on Switch

To address this, Meta released the Multiple Profile feature, where users can switch between multiple profiles from the app without logging in. A user can add up to four profiles for this switching feature. However, yes, the feature is now officially available to developers. This is a significant update for people seeking such a feature. However, the problem arises when they need to learn how to use it.

Creating multiple profiles

If you read this article, you know your purpose for using the multiple accounts feature. However, as a reference, this is the best option if you want to keep specific interest-based Facebook feeds separate from others. However, you need to create multiple profiles and add them there. If you need to learn how to create a new Facebook profile, follow the instructions below.

Note: Before proceeding, ensure you have updated the Facebook app to the latest version.

How to create and use multiple Facebook account profiles on Switch
  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Then, go to the profile page.
  • Now tap “Switch profiles” and “Create a new profile.”
  • Afterward, enter your name and other details as asked.
  • Next, upload a profile picture and hit “Create a new profile.”
  • That is it; you have created a new Facebook profile.

Easy Switch between Different Profiles

Follow these steps to get multiple accounts first to use the Multiple User Profiles feature. However, for better results, while creating a new profile, enter the interests for which you want feeds. Once done, you can switch profiles or even create shortcuts for each profile added there. Some of you may be confused, so do not worry; repeat the steps below to use the Multiple Profiles feature on Facebook.

How to create and use multiple Facebook account profiles on Switch
  • Launch the Facebook app.
  • Then, go to your profile section.
  • Now tap on the “Switch profile” option.
  • Afterward, tap on the profile that you want to switch to.
  • That is it! Your Facebook profile will be switched in the next moment.

Tips to Consider for a Better Experience

Besides that, it is also available if you want to add a shortcut for switching to any particular Facebook profile. All you need to do is head to Facebook settings >> profile >> switch profiles >> shortcuts. This way, a specific shortcut will be created for your profile, allowing you to switch between profiles more precisely. Now that you know how to use the Facebook multiple profile feature, here are a few tips to enhance your experience:

  • Create profiles for different interests.
  • Use different profile pictures and usernames for each profile.
  • Be clear about your profile when interacting with a post.
  • Take advantage of the privacy settings for each user account.
  • Join different groups with different profiles.

Considering the above points, the primary Facebook app becomes a huge space for you, as you have multiple blocks in the name of user profiles. You can share and see posts based on specific interests. Now, there is no need to worry about what you are seeing and what you should see, as each profile is dedicated to a specific purpose. I hope you have everything you need to understand the Facebook multiple profile feature. Please let us know if you still have questions in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you have multiple users on one Facebook account?

Ans. You can add up to four additional accounts to Facebook.

Q2. Does a Facebook page have an admin?

Ans. Of course, when you create a page, you automatically become its administrator.

Q3. What is the difference between a Facebook profile and a page?

Facebook profiles are usually for personal purposes, while Facebook pages are for business purposes.

Q4. Does Facebook pay for likes?

Ans. Yes, it is counted towards your pay.