Rocksteady studio has been preparing there new game most likely to be known as the Suicide Squad as far. This studio is also developing the Batman: Arkham Trilogy and they bring the game to the VR support on the PSVR platform. Meanwhile, since then, a total of 5 years have not released any new game.

A new report suggested they were going to bring a new Batman character-based game. Therefore, the studio has been developing the Villian based team, and the game most likely to be known as the Suicide Squad. We can be expected the game to be playable on both Playstartoion and the Xbox Series X.

Suicide Squad game

On the other hand, the new domain has also been registering by the Warner Bros. Moreover, the DC’s Suicide Squad has been continuing with this game, and the Suicide Squad has been in working and notably to launch seems to be quite imminent.

The Domain name registration was looked legit because of the there previous game such as the rocksteady is working. Other domain names discovered were “” and “” and the domain for this possibly the”.

Furthermore, it a piece of well great news for those all Batman and DC’s character fan refers to the Next-Generation Batman based game likely to be launch quite imminent. As per reports, the Warner Bros will announce the game in there upcoming DC Fandom expected to be held in August.

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