We all Faced the Heating Issue With our Smartphone. Nowadays, it is Quite Commonly on Budget-Range Smartphone. It is Because our Smartphone Work on Battery and Flowing of Electron Generate heate due to Friction. While We are Playing High Graphics Games and Streaming Video on.

Best way to avoid phone heating while playing PUBG, PUBG Mobile How to Stop Lagging/Overheating!

High-Resolution Need a lot of Power on Screen. We all know that Most the Power Consumption are done by Screen oF our Smartphone. Here, Why Smartphone gets More Heat than Usal Heat During this Task.

According to the Reports, Overheating is Not only bad for Smartphone but also for Internal Components. While Heating can reach up to 82°C.New Modern Smartphone is also Getting Exploid for the Same Reason. We can’t manage the Internal Components of Smartphone but We can Use Some Safety Precaution to Cool down the Temperature and what We should not do.

One more thing to Mention that Overheating also Affect the performance but also cause lag in Memory, Which further cause lag in other application as well. Here What you can do to avoid Overheating of your Smartphone While playing Games Like Pubg.


First thing first, We Should not Play games While charging. During Charging your smartphone and playing games on it cause Serious Damage the Smartphone. I Suggest you give Some Rest to your Smartphone.

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We are not going to do Some Experiment, In this Article, We just Discuss Some of the Important things you need to Do Before Playing games. We are going to Keep our Smartphone Temperature in Control and avoid Overheating Issue.

What are Best Way to Avoid Overheating While Playing Pubg Mobile | How to Stop Lagging/Overheating!

Causes of phone overheating

  • Gaming for long periods of time
  • Streaming content
  • Your settings aren’t optimal
  • Environmental factors
  • App updates
  • Software updates

What is the best way to avoid phone heating while playing PUBG

#1 Never Use Cool Down Application on your Smartphone.


There is Some application, Which Says’s they will Help you to Cool down your Smartphone but in Reality, they are Just Crap. They Use your Resources and Generate.

More than Before. Moreover, Some Application is Malware and Steal your Personal data from your Smartphone. Just trying to avoid these Kind of Application from your Smartphone.

#2 Don’t do Multitasking, Use One Application at a Single Time.


By the Way, Android is best in Managing the Application and Make its Own way to handle your background Application But Before Playing games you can use your In-build Clear to Free Some ram and Memory. It Will help you to Process Power Where you need and You definitely experience  Good Gaming Seasons.

#3 Keep Brightness to a Certain Level.


I know playing games on a High Brightness is Much great But also We know Higher the Brightness Higher the Power it Needs. I Suggest you fix the level of Brightness at 40% – 50%. It Will help you to save Power and Less Heating as Well.

if you thinking about Auto-Brightness, Then the Sensor Will consume more power than before. All you can do Just On Auto-Brightness and Off after a Min. It Will help you to adjust and Keep your Device Cooler.

#4 Turn off Unnersarry Toggle.

Best way to Stop Phone overheating While Playing PUBG Mobile

While Playing Games, You Should turn on Unnersarry Toggle Such as Hotspot/Wi-fi. If you Play on Wi-fi then Prefer playing on your Own Data. Als,  Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Auto-Rotation and Other battery Consuming Toggle. You can use in-build Game Mode on your Device it Will let your Tun off Unnersarry Service running on the background.

#5 Avoid Direct Sunlight on your Smartphone.


I Don’t know you read instructions manual or not. There is Clearly Mention about the Direct Sunlight Fall on your Smartphone is Not good. Combining Both Heat it Makes it Worst. Try to use in Indoor Condition or Comfortable Zone to Keep Smartphone Temperature Normal.

#6 Take out your Mobile Cover.


We Generally Use Our Smartphone With Cover, But We Should take out During Playing game. Heat Need Medium to Travel and Your Smartphone Cover Trap the Heat.

Further, it Just Moving Inside your Protective Case. Most of the Material is Made up of Material Which bare Insulator and didn’t allow Heat to Escape. There is Also Some Case Where Precaution case is Specially Designed for the Purpose of Gaming.

Note: The Most Important thing you not to Do. Don’t Put your Smartphone Inside the Refrigerator, it Will Damage your Internal Component of your Smartphone. More than This you Just Put your Device under the fan.

Final Verdict


In the End, I Suggest that Just let your Device Quite and care about it. Because of Heating, you are Also Damaging the Life-Cycle of battery.

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