Samsung’s upcoming smartphone is just one month away and is expected to launch on January 18. Renders and the key specifications of the device have already surfaced online. If you love customising your device, wallpapers are the best way. Ahead of the official release of the Galaxy S24 Series, the default wallpaper for the Galaxy S24 Ultra has leaked online and is available to download.

You can experience the Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G wallpaper, with many customisation options available. It contains beautiful, crystal-clear, high-quality free wallpapers for your device.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallpaper

Four wallpapers have been leaked, all of which match the colour variants of the device and embody unique, distinctive hues.

  • Titanium with Black Crystal
  • Titanium Grey Crystal
  • Titanium with Yellow Crystal
  • Titanium Violet Crystal

The wallpapers offer a visual delight with an exquisite gradient effect that enhances the overall experience. These wallpapers are optimised to fit the smartphone’s screen dimensions, maintaining a consistent and polished look throughout the device and enhancing the overall experience.

The wallpaper of the Galaxy S24 Ultra with the diamond-cut finish wallpaper design language looks similar to the upcoming Galaxy Book 4, Galaxy Z Flip 6, and Galaxy Z Fold 6. These wallpapers are high-resolution images and are similar to the leaked Galaxy S23 Series renders. Additionally, the titanium wallpaper is available separately for downloading high-quality wallpapers.

Download the Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallpaper.

The wallpapers are designed for premium devices and showcase high-quality images inspired by crystal and titanium.

Check out these exclusive S24 Ultra wallpapers. Some of the wallpapers are available for download via the download button below.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallpaper - Leaked Stock HD Wallpaper
Download Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallpapers

These wallpapers are high quality and suitable for all devices, whether on the lock screen or home screen. After downloading these wallpapers, you can apply them to your smartphone’s home screen or lock screen.

Note: These wallpapers have been slightly edited and adjusted for a high-quality resolution.

How to Apply Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallpaper to an Android Device

Here are instructions on how to apply the S24 Ultra wallpaper on Android:

  • Open the device settings.
  • Head over to Personalisation.
  • Go to Wallpapers and use Local Albums to browse your wallpapers from the gallery.
  • Choose a wallpaper and tap Apply, then choose where you want to apply the wallpaper, either on the lock screen or home screen.
  • That is it!

Settings on the device may vary depending on your OEM’s device.


We wonder if these wallpapers will remain exclusive to the Galaxy S24 Ultra or will be featured in the Galaxy S24 Series.

It is expected to have six different gemstone wallpapers, likely offering lighter and darker versions of the design. Each wallpaper will have a unique shape and colour that matches the device’s colour. The diamond-like material design will surely enhance the appearance of the device. Let us wait for the device’s launch for all stock images to be available to download.