Stable Diffusion is one of the most popular AI-generated models that has been integrated into a lot of popular AI image-generation tools. If you don’t know about Stable Diffusion, it’s an AI image generation tool based on deep learning technology that was launched in 2022.

So, without further ado, here are the step-by-step instructions on how to download and use Stable Diffusion on a Windows desktop.

How to Download and Install Stable Diffusion on Windows

There are some developers who have shared the Stable Diffusion installer that makes the whole process of installing Stable Diffusion on Windows easier.


  • First things first, your desktop should meet the minimum requirements to install Stable Diffusion on it.
    • Windows 10 or higher
    • Nvidia GPU with 4GB VRAM
    • 8GB RAM or higher
    • 200GB storage or higher.

Note: Stable Diffusion currently only supports NVIDIA GPUs. However, AMD GPU users are recommended to follow the NMKD. It doesn’t work with integrated GPUs.

Stable Diffusion Installer for Windows

This is an official standalone installer to install Stable Diffusion on Windows, and here are the step-by-step instructions.

Stable Diffusion Installer for Windows Desktop
  • Download the Stable Diffusion Installer and then double-click on Easy-Diffusion-Windows.exe to start the installation.
  • Next, Windows will prompt you with “Windows Protected your PC”. Click on “More info”.
  • Select “Run Anyway” and then “Next” to proceed with the installation.
  • Check the checkbox to agree to the license and then browse to where you want it to be installed.
  • Proceed with the installation and then wait for it to finish.
  • At the end, it will ask if you want to create a desktop shortcut or run Easy Diffusion 2.5. Uncheck the box for “Run Easy Diffusion 2.5”.
  • That’s it! Click “Finish”.

It takes some time to finish launching, so don’t interrupt the process. Once it is installed, you can directly run it from the Windows Start menu.

Stable Diffusion Installer for Windows AMD GPUs

This is a third-party Stable Diffusion installer that allows you to install Stable Diffusion. It is easy to install and here are the following instructions.

Stable Diffusion Installer for Windows Desktop
  • Download the NMKD installer and then extract the SDG file in your file explorer.
  • After that, simply double-click on StaleDiffusionGui.exe to launch Stable Diffusion.
  • Now you can run it, and you will find the text box to write a prompt and it even has parameters to adjust.
  • That’s it!

So this is how you can use the NMKD installer to install Stable Diffusion on your PC. These are the easiest ways to install Stable Diffusion on your Windows machine. Thanks for being with us. Stay tuned for more updates on the same.