Whenever AI and other such technologies are discussed, the only name that comes up is ChatGPT. But do you know who created such a capable AI? The name behind it is “OpenAI.” The company aims to create a world based on artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is not the only product released in favor of AI. Instead, they have a huge lineup of products like DALL-E, GPT 4, and many more.

Spotify’s in-app AI analyzes your music taste and selects the best song based on your preferences, once again with a new hope. Specifically, if you recall, back in February 2023, Spotify launched an AI feature (DJ) for all premium subscribers in the US and Canada. Similarly, the same feature is rolling out for UK and Ireland users this time. So let’s see what’s special this time.

Spotify Released AI DJ Feature for Premium Users in UK and Ireland: Beta Program

Today, AI is an emerging trend in the industry that is slowly gaining traction in almost every segment. Initially, it was seen in smartphone cameras, but now even choosing a song to play can be done with AI. You heard right; OpenAI and Spotify’s personalized technology worked together and developed an in-app AI model called DJ.

Spotify DJ uses a combination of technologies, including Generative AI (from OpenAI to provide insights about music, artists, and genres) and Spotify’s Personalized Technology (to determine what type of music a user likes). Moreover, there is a dynamic AI voice (from Sonantic Acquisition) to create realistic voices. With these contributions, Spotify DJ makes ordinary music more interesting.

Furthermore, Spotify partnered with Xavier “X” Jernigan (one of the hosts of Spotify’s first-morning show) for specifically DJ voice models. From that hosting experience, Spotify decided he would be the first DJ voice model whose voice would improve in the future. In the meantime, the AI DJ will track your music taste and play songs accordingly.

Previously, the feature was limited to the US and Canada, but now developers are introducing AI DJ’s beta to the UK and Ireland premium users. Now that you know what Spotify DJ is, you know who it is available to. After that, I am sure you crave this feature. Follow the steps below to use it.

Spotify's new "DJ" feature is expanding its streaming service's offering of personalized music with AI-powered features that could change the way we discover music.

NoteSpotify DJ is available on iOS and Android, but if you have an outdated Spotify app, update it to play DJ.

  1. Open the Spotify app.
  2. Go to your home music feed.
  3. Tap play on the DJ card.
  4. Following this, the DJ will show you the lineup of songs along with a short commentary.
  5. That’s all. Now you can use Spotify DJ.

In conclusion, Spotify DJ is a resonant feature. It has been observed that around 87% of users return to Spotify only because of the AI DJ feature. Thanks to developers who also adopted AI for a better music experience. However, it would be interesting to see what more enhancements Spotify will make in the near future. Until then, rehearse the DJ feature and explore it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a DJ mode on Spotify?

Ans. It is available presently for Premium users of the UK and Ireland.

Q2. How do I access Spotify AI DJ?

Ans. You can access it from the Spotify app music feed.

Q3. Can I get DJ Mixes on Spotify?

Ans. DJ mixes are available for all listeners and can be accessed from the Spotify app.

Q4. What is an AI DJ?

Ans. It combines a personalized selection of music with spoken commentary in realistic sound.