It has been almost 8 years since Readdle introduced a mailing service. The new thing here is that there are plenty of mailing services, and the dominant one is “Gmail.” But when it launched in 2015, Spark Email offered attributes that no other mailing service has simultaneously. They are so cool that even Gmail users can switch to Spark Email.

That’s because Spark email has features like Smart Inbox, Send Later, Batch deleting/archiving multiple emails, Quick Reply, Follow-Up reminders, and using Gmail features from non-Gmail accounts. You can expect a special Spark email will do that time. Likewise, again Spark email did something as announced the Captive AI addition to their product. So, let’s check out Spark +AI in more detail.

Spark email gets AI to ‘write better emails faster.’

From the beginning, Spark Email took an unusual stand in the industry by offering such a feature. Today the entire world is transforming itself with AI; Spark email also joined that path and announced this notification. In their announcement, they focused on a faster and more user-friendly experience. If you look over them thoroughly, they emphasize the importance of writing emails faster and more professionally. 

Spark email announcement + AI mail assistant, using Generative AI to write better emails faster.

However, being a special mailing service, you might need clarification as to whether this mailing service is safe or not. Before AI, they committed to complying with GDPR and CCPA, two of the best security standards ever. This was the company’s previous commitment, but how about today? So don’t worry; Spark +AI uses OpenAI GPT Integration which means we are safe to use Spark +AI. Next, let’s look at what Readdle says about Spark +AI.

Write a Professional Email in Seconds

There are many things a user needs to look at while composing emails, and this takes a lot of time. The Spark +AI solution includes predefined logs for this. You can write an email for any subject by specifying the subject line. Let’s say you meet with your formal office team and want everyone to be reminded. So using Spark, you can write the email subject and click on generate draft. As a result, in just a second, you will have a draft email to send to that meeting.

Improve your mail writing.

With Spark +AI, you have one special thing to improvise your writing, and here comes the way to tweak your email. Because many times we wrote emails that did not fit that scenario. You do these things separately to write tone or expand on a particular line. But with Spark +AI, you have all these options in one place. You will get these when you write the email, and the screen shows three options: Rephrase, Expand, and Shorten. With these options, your mail writing will improve.

To simplify things, Spark +AI seems a dominant way to write emails, whether predefined or your own piece of content. Whether you want predefined mails, you can use “Generate Draft.” While you can type your own content and tweak it with options like Rephrase, Friendly Tone, Formal Tone, Expand, Shorten, etc. Now after knowing Spark +AI, you might be eager to know how to get Spark +AI. You will then need to buy a subscription (@ $59.99/year) after you have tried the free trial for 7 days.

Spark +AI is testing iOS and Android to ensure stability before rolling out to millions of Spark user bases. IOS users can participate in the Spark +AI testing by manually updating or installing the Spark +AI app from the App Store. But Android users have need help to do so. This AI will likely be rolled out to everyone in the next few weeks. Note that Spark +AI is, by default, turned off. So, To enable this, follow: App menu >> settings >> Spark +AI >> Enable Toggle for Spark +AI >> set tone & text length >> enable quick replies toggle.

Spark email announcement + AI mail assistant, using Generative AI to write better emails faster.

To conclude, these are the present things we know about Spark +AI, where we have discussed the concept of Spark +AI and its special features. Further, we have discussed availability and on which device we can use such an email client. I want to be a core email user; you might shift to Spark Email along with AI integration. Also, note that iOS is in the testing phase, so don’t forget to give feedback so that developers can make the app more stable before roll out publicly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Is Spark email still free?

Ans. Spark Email seems free to download for Android users (Android 8.0 or later), Windows users (Windows 10 or later), and other platforms.

Q2. Is Spark email trustworthy?

Ans. Of course, it has complied with GDPR and CCPA.

Q3. Who owns Spark email?

Ans. Readdle is a private Ltd company that makes products like PDF Expert and Scanner Pro type productivity apps for you.

Q4. Does Spark work with Gmail?

Ans. You can use Spark and its new AI tech with Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange Outlook, Kerio Connect, and other IMAP accounts.