One of the popular Solana Games that is based on a Space-themed Strategy called Star Atlas became a proven title for Gamers and Investors. If any player even likes to invest in crypto specifically, then Star Atlas can be the utmost choice. However, Unlike any other Crypto based game, Star Atlas has no such hype even though it got famous.

Do you know why? The reason being the space theme attracts a lot of players. And other credit goes to popular gamers who influence to play such a game. Initially, it started rolling out for Windows Pc. But now Epic games store offers a demo of Star Atlas to avail the same over different players. So, let’s take a look below and check what exactly It is.

Epic Games Released a demo for Popular Solana Game: Star Atlas.

Since its arrival over Windows, the anticipation for Star Atlas has been going through a lot of weeks. Previously the demo release was settled down but got a kickstart when Blankos Block Party was released over Epic Games. Further, Epic Games officially announced via live stream that the official release reads as Star Atlas: Showroom, labeled as the “pre-alpha” version.

Subsequently, Players are invited to Epic Games to check the early stages of the game. And suggest to developers the possible changes to it. If you are somewhere connected with the gaming community, then you surely know that Star Atlas was developed via Unreal Engine 4. It means there is no doubt regarding the game’s performance.

Even Epic Games released a demo for Star Atlas, but there is one condition to access their Star Atlas: Showroom Pre Alpha demo. Certainly, players who want to participate in such a demo must hold Star Atlas NFT. Because holding NFT will result in getting a special key, allowing further action in the game.

  • Visit the Star Atlas Website.
  • Click on the Epic Games link.
  • Now Download Showroom and open it.
  • Once done, Connect your wallet and go to a profile page.
  • After that, Your Game key will be showcased here.
  • That’s it, Use that key and enter into the demo.

Moreover, Star Atlas is a new game that needs to evolve concerning trends. But a few changes are still in front of us. Some of them are Online Gameplay, factions, NFT Spacecraft out, and more. Well, developers said that they are first testing Star Atlas with 190 million users of the Epic Games Store.

More likely, they want to know user expectations and work accordingly. So, let’s see what further changes are going to see over Star Atlas. As of now, these are the updates relating to the Star Atlas demo that is already available on Epic Games Store. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Will Epic Games give free games in 2022?

Ans. Yes, the free games program will continue through at least the end of 2022.

Q2. Why does epic keep giving free games?

Ans. To put a great marketing strategy over the industry.

Q3. Is Star Atlas an actual game?

Ans. Star Atlas is making a high-end science fiction spaceship combat game with non-fungible tokens.

Q4. Is Star Atlas a metaverse?

Ans. Star Atlas is a space-themed, multiplayer gaming metaverse based on the Solana blockchain.

Q5. What crypto does Star Atlas use?

Ans. Polis token (ERC-20) is the governance token in the Star Atlas.