The Smartphone camera Improved From the last few years. Here’s Why It Isn’t capable of so much?

All the camera has a Same way to work. When the Light going through the lens to Sensor Where it Gets process and generated the Images. The More Light you get the better result you get.

Where the Big DSLR Cameras With there Interchangeable lens alongside With there Larger Sensor to capture Light. So put the Sensor into your smartphone camera because the Sensor requires a lot of Space in your Smartphone.

Today’s World The smartphone manufacture used a number of receptor sites on the Sensor. These are Measured by using a unit Megapixel. The Receptors allow a Light to enter more light for a Finger Images. But not Only Megapixel Help, but Even the Lens, aperture Matter also.

In the early days, the Cell-phone Manufacture use Composite Lens used. where they have less Clear light passing through lens Which Cause Blurring the Image. Today’s manufacture uses Crafted exotic Material Such as Sapphire Glass Which allows light to Passes More Compare to Old Cell-phones.

The left Shows What happen During Low Light and Right Shows What happen During Brigt Light
The left Shows What happen During Low Light and Right Shows What happen During Bright Light

lets’ Talk about Dynamic Ranger. If your Dynamic range is less then you have to Suffer From a Lossing Details and Glowing Images. Modern Smartphone uses Multiple Frames at Different Exposure Levels to Minimizes Blur and Noise Using algorithms Where It requires Faster Image Processor. Which Help to process and Stabilized least High Speed and during Brust Modes.

The company uses AI Processing and Neural processing in there Camera Software for Processing Images According to Subject. This Software helps to identify the Subject to focus using Left and Right Lens Where Some of the Smartphone Manufacture uses an Infrared laser to Determine background and the Object. Were Smartphone uses Dual, Triple, Quad or Even More. for Depth Effects, While there is at least one of them are Wider angle lens.


But the Smartphone uses a Software and Sensor are also Quite Small This is the Reason Why Professional Photographer Uses a Traditional Cameras.