What we do When Our Smartphone battery Damaged or Die?

Batteries are the Most Important component of our Device, But actually, We Didn’t Know a lot about Batteries.

Most of the Smartphone Manufactures uses a Li-ion Battery Which basically Contain a tiny pack of Volatile Chemical and Metal Which are Separated By a Super-thin non-conductive layer. Inside there were a Postive Electrodes Which is made up of Lithium Cobalt oxide and Negative electrodes Made up of Carbon Both are capt Inside an Electrolyte Solution.

Smartphone Battery

Whenever you Plug your Device to Charge your Smartphone. Te Lithium Ions are attracted toward Postive Electrodes through the Electrodes Solution. Which allows the Battery to Store the energy to Use Later.

These are Contol By Circuit to regulated a Right amount of voltage. Which Help to Prevent Overcharging and Overeating too. Batteries are also affected by the temperature, Were batteries Start Exposed after 37ºC.

Keep in Mind that you can not keep Recharging a Single Battery Forever, You have to Replace the battery. Every battery has a Lifespan. Make Sure that you Don’t Through your Batteries in a regular Garbage. Because it affects the Environment, Not to Mention batteries are incredibly toxic and flammable.

If your Batterie is in Good Condition and Shape, you Should Send it to Local Waste Management or Battery Recycler. Alongside if your Battery is not in a Good Condition or Swollen battery, Basically it happens due to Physical Damage, Malfunctioning Potential Circuit or Overcharging. Then you should prevent Before it harms anyone.


Just Fill a Bucket of Salt Water and Drop your batteries for Couple of Days. Which help to discharge the Battery.

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