Sigma Battle Royale is a newly launched game that recorded 500k downloads in just two days. The reason is the graphics and gaming style of Sigma Battle Royale are somewhat similar to Free Fire. It does not level up with Free Fire, but in India, it was previously banned, so in that case, Sigma Battle Royale is a better option.

Moreover, a popular Free Fire player ‘Gyan’ played Sigma Battle Royale and shared a short clip in which he shared his views about the game. According to that clip, he also saw it as a sequel to Free Fire. We have prepared this guide based on these responses, including information on downloading Sigma Battle Royale.

How to download Sigma Free Fire using an APK file?

The newly launched Sigma battle royale is the smaller version of Garena Free Fire. Because the popular Free Fire player said, the game has the same name, lobby and map as Free Fire does. The graphic and sound response is also much similar to Garena Free Fire, which is why it recorded such downloads in just two days.

Another reason players say Free Fire is a small version is its size. Sigma Battle Royale is around 280 MB in size. And even a low-end device can run it easily. It appears to be a lite version of Free Fire in terms of game size and in-game features. Remember, it is only an opinion, not an official statement. However, because the game violated numerous Google policies, it was removed from the Play Store.

Players are eager to know where they can download the game. Because Free Fire is already banned in India. Sigma Battle Royale is their most realistic shot at resuming gameplay. They are looking for an APK file to download and play this game. Here is the link to the APK file and instructions on downloading it, so follow them.

  • Download Sigma Free Fire Lite APK 1.0.0.
  • Unzip the .Zip FIle and, and download XAPKS Installer, and then tap on Install.
  • Browse the Package that you want to install on your device.
  • You need to install the downloaded APK file.
  • There you have it. Launch the Sigma Battle Royale app and enjoy the game.

With these short and simple download instructions, you can easily grab Sigma Battle Royale, even if it is removed from the Google Play Store. I know many of you want it on the Google Play Store. But nobody has any idea when it will resume the service on the Play Store. Until then, enjoy the game using the APK file and if anyone has a query, feel free to ask them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Sigma Battle Royale available on Google Play Store?

Ans. Unfortunately, some policy violation results in removing this game from Google Play Store.

Q2. Where can we download Sigma Battle Royale APK?

Ans. You can refer to the above-given guide.

Q3. When will Sigma Battle Royale resume on Google Play Store?

Ans. Presently, there is no update for such a concern.

Q4. Is Sigma Battle Royale the same as Free Fire?

Ans. The Graphics and In-game content are much similar to Free Fire.