Gmail on Android is getting a new update to attach a Select All button for bulk actions. As previously, this option was available to web users. However, the coming senses show that the Gmail Android app also gets that Select All button. However, a catch still available can help you select all emails, but more is needed when it comes to formal work.

Moreover, we all know to the fact that how formal Gmail is. Surprisingly, few users got this feature to test from Google, as there is one who shared this on Twitter. It means Google silently uses this feature and will soon roll out to every user. Nevertheless, since people have yet to learn how this Select all works. They are tense on how to use it. So, here we will guide you in using it.

How to Select All Email button in Gmail Android App

The Gmail Android app has plenty of functionalities that developers added last week. It comprises new chat rooms, group collaboration, voice/video calls in one place, and many more. However, as shown by people who got this feature, we found that the Select All Email button works simultaneously for up to 50 emails to select. Apart from that, there are only two actions you can do that is Delete and Archive. So, if you want to know how to use that button, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Gmail App.
  • Then Tap and hold any email to select.
  • Following this, the Select All button will display on the top.
  • Next, tap the Select All button to select multiple emails in bulk.
  • That is it; in this way, you can select all email buttons in the Gmail Android app.

Besides that, the Gmail Desktop will always offer you the option for Selecting emails in bulk. I hope you learned to select all emails in the Gmail Android app. However, at present, most people still need such a feature. But do not worry; Google is silently testing it, which will soon roll out to individual Gmail users. 

Alternatively, as you know, not all users have such anch an option, so you can do the same by eating a filter and selecting those multiple emails. So, this was all about selecting bulk emails in your Gmail Android app. Even after that, if any user has a query, ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can I select all emails in Gmail on Android?

Ans. Yes, The Select All option will offer you this functionality.

Q2. How do I bulk delete emails in the Gmail app?

Ans. You can try anyway, but we recommend you use the Select All button.

Q3. Why is there no select all in the Gmail app?

Ans. Developers were testing that feature with limited users that will roll out to every user soon.

Q4. How do I clean up my Gmail quickly?

Ans. You can take the help of creating the filter, Selecting all options, and other options to clear the Gmail app quickly.