Emoji Kitchen is one of the renowned features of Google that was released in 2020. During its launch, developers conducted research and thought deeply about emojis. They organized this feature to convey long-tail messages using a single emoji. However, they soon realized there were still situations where two combined emojis were needed.

To address this, they released a feature called Emoji Kitchen in 2020, which allows users to combine two emojis and create a new one. The effectiveness of this feature depends on the user’s creativity. Many users have already embraced this feature, but some newcomers may need help finding it challenging. This guide will show you how to use this feature effectively.

Unlocking Emoji Kitchen: A Guide for Web, Android, and iOS Users

Emoji Kitchen does not have a separate application like any other Google service. However, it is integrated with the Google keyboard. The emoji are accessed through the keyboard itself. Additionally, users can also access Emoji Kitchen on the web and iOS. To use Emoji Kitchen on the web, search for the term “Emoji Kitchen,” and the feature will be available.

When using this feature on iOS, the process is similar to using it on the web. Although iOS also has the Google keyboard, there has not been an update to the app specifically for Emoji Kitchen. That covers the availability of Emoji Kitchen. Now, let us discuss its benefits. With Emoji Kitchen, users can enjoy various benefits, from unleashing their creativity to standing out from the crowd. Nevertheless, before we delve into that, let us consider how to use this feature.

Steps to Use Emoji Kitchen on the Web

How to use Google's Emoji Kitchen on Google Search | Web, Android, and iOS Users
  1. Visit Google Search and type in “Emoji Kitchen.”
  2. Then click on the “Get Cooking” prompt.
  3. Next, you will see a list of emojis to try.
  4. After that, click on the emojis that you want to combine.
  5. Following this, a few combinations will appear.
  6. Choose the combination you want.
  7. Now, copy that combination to your clipboard.
  8. Lastly, paste them wherever you need them.

Steps to Use Emoji Kitchen on Android

Note: Before proceeding, update the Gboard app to get this Emoji Kitchen feature and more combinations.

  1. Open the Messages app and tap the text field to bring up Gboard.
  2. Then tap on the emojis appearing on the left side of the keyboard.
  3. Next, tap on the first emoji that you want to use.
  4. As a result, a few combinations will appear.
  5. Now tap on the combination that you want.
  6. That is it! The selected emoji combination will be sent.

Steps to Use Emoji Kitchen on iOS

It is known to everyone that the Google keyboard is available on iOS, too. However, its version is too old, and this feature was released after that version, which is currently on the App Store. It means that directly from Gboard, users cannot use Emoji combinations. However, since the feature is integrated into Google search, they can use the same method people use with the web. Do not worry; we explain it below.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Then, visit and search for Emoji Kitchen.
  3. Now tap on the “Get Cooking” prompt.
  4. Next, choose the emoji that you want.
  5. Following this, a few Emoji suggestions will appear.
  6. Afterward, select the combination you want and copy it to your clipboard.
  7. Next, paste it wherever you want to use those emoji combinations.
  8. That is it; you are done.

Once you understand these steps, you can use Google’s Emoji Kitchen on your device. All thanks to Google, who integrated it with Google Search so that everyone can use such a feature regardless of platform. Now, as a user, you have many benefits, such as making messages more expressive, adding a touch of fun to your thoughts, being creative, and many more.

Apart from these benefits, users need to consider a few things before using it. These considerations mean that not all emojis are compatible with Emoji Kitchen, and you can combine up to three emojis at a time. So, with that said, you can use Emoji Kitchen on your device more precisely. I hope you understand everything you need about using Emoji Kitchen. If any users have queries, please ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I activate Emoji Kitchen?

Ans. You can update your Gboard app to activate it or use it directly from the web.

Q2. Where do I find Emoji Kitchen?

Ans. You will find it in Gboard’s emoji section.

Q3. How do I activate Emoji Kitchen on my Gboard?

Ans. You don’t need to activate it; just update your Gboard app.

Q4. Does Apple have an Emoji Kitchen?

Ans. Apple does not have Emoji Kitchen with the same convenience as Android. However, you can still use it on Apple devices through Google’s prompt.