Getting Screenshots on YouTube seems strange, but when you note the current user needs, you will find it right. Today, many people use YouTube mainly to learn, and between such videos, they get important notes to save on their devices since every creator made videos with standard video frame forms, which, when you ordinarily take screenshots, loses its quality.

From there, the concept of Video Frame Capture arose, mainly aiming to extract images from video files and their Original Frames. So that neither their format disturb nor their quality gets down. There are plenty of ways to capture video frames, such as keyboard shortcuts, video editing software, etc. So, below, we share complete details on taking screenshots via Video Frame Capture.

How to take Screenshots of YouTube using Video Frame Capture

It would help if you had Video Frame Capture for numerous reasons, such as the still images,g GIFs, Video memes, and many more. However, above all, it seems more interesting when we want to extract any special moment from a video. Even with this functionality today, the problem is people need to learn how to deal with such a problem and take it as an opportunity. So, below, we will explain multiple ways to take Screenshots on YouTube using Video Frame Capture.

How to take Screenshot of YouTube of using Video Frame Capture

Go with Print Screen

This made the entire page capture with a single key combination. As you remember, when we attempt a print command, it grabs the entire page. In the same, we can take advantage of video frame capturing. To understand it better, read the instructions given below.

  • Open the YouTube and run the video you want.
  • Then, Stop the video at the moment of which you want a screenshot.
  • Now Press CTRL + P to get into the Print Screen.
  • After that, Save the Entire page image.
  • Next, open any basic photo editor on your PC.
  • The crop that photo and allot it your favorite frame.
  • That is it, you are done.

Try for VLC Media Player

One of the dominant media players among the huge queue that can help users take videos and screenshots. However, being an additional software, you need to install it separately. But one way to take YouTube screenshots is via Video Frame Capture. To do that using VLC Media Player, follow these steps.

  • Open VLC Media Player.
  • Play any YouTube Video there.
  • Then, Go to the view menu and select Advanced Controls.
  • After that, Click on the Snapshot button to capture that frame.
  • That is it, and such Snapshot files will be saved to your device.

Besides these two ways, you have huge support from third-party tools such as Screenshot YouTube, FFmpeg, OBS Studio, or whatever you think fit. But note that while taking screenshots, the video frame should be accurate, and the object should be clear. Otherwise, the entire purpose of taking a Screenshot via Video Frame Capture will be destroyed. Now I hope such a Screenshot on YouTube can be taken. Even after this, if any user has a query, ask them below.

class="wp-block-heading">Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can you screen capture on YouTube?

Ans. You can try a simple print screen to do so.

Q2. Is Screenshotting illegal?

Ans. No, it is just a myth.

Q3. Are screenshots tracked?

Ans. Usually, there is no way to track such Screenshots.

Q4 Can you screenshot secretly?

Ans. Of course, there are apps to do so, like Private Screenshot.