Apple has recently released the iPhone 15 Series. Unfortunately, with every new smartphone release, some companies scam people. Everyone must know this, especially since Apple devices are premium smartphones. Some companies in India are involved in these scams.

Recently, we saw Honour engaging in misleading marketing for their smartphone, although they did make corrections later. However, this kind of thing should not happen. It is not just Honour; big brands like Apple have been involved in similar cases.

Croma Allegedly Forcing Buyers to Purchase Apple Care+ Worth Rs 14,900

According to reports, Croma Retail is pressuring buyers to purchase Apple Care+ for the iPhone 15 Series. While Apple Care+ is like insurance for your device, it is not mandatory for everyone. Croma is reportedly forcing buyers to buy Apple Care+, claiming that it is bundled with the device by the company itself.

Unicorn charges an additional Rs 4,000 for purchasing a screen guard and case.

This is Apple’s official retail store in India. They request extra money to bundle the case and screen guard when buying the iPhone 15 Series. They do not even include the additional purchase on the device’s invoice. It has been reported that the employees are not polite and are unresponsive.

Not only that, if buyers prebook, they still need to deliver the products. Unicorn does not keep their commitment. This is unacceptable, and they are claiming that Apple requested this, which they did not. Apple was aware of these scams, but they have not released any statements or taken action against them.

These scams usually occur when Apple has not announced something or when a newly launched device goes on sale. This is not the first time Apple retailers have done these scams or frauds. We cannot say it is a scam, but it is part of a scam or fraud. Apple retailers in India ask for extra money to get the device.

Similar incidents happened last year, but no action was taken. Now, let us see what steps Apple takes to prevent such things from happening again.