India is one of the top-rated countries where online scams are quite common, normally spread through WhatsApp messages. If you have been thinking about checking if a text message, email, or anything else is a scam, we will share the best way to detect scams today. This latest machine learning and AI technology can detect malicious websites you visit and suspicious emails on your system, which are online scams.

To expand Norton’s functionality, the company is working on integrating AI that can spot scams with a user-friendly interface. The company also uses its decade of cybersecurity experience to incorporate and build new scam protections. According to a report, an average person in the UK receives around ten scams and about 3 billion spoofed emails daily across the globe.

What is Norton Genie?

Norton has been serving as an antivirus company for years and recently announced AI-powered scam detection tools. With this, you can upload your emails, web addresses, and suspicious text you received online to check the message’s authenticity. The company stores your messages to improve and train its AI model.

  • You can use it to detect phishing email scams.
  • It can be used to expose smishing text scams.
  • It can also be used to follow up on queries and provide tips to improve your cybersecurity knowledge.

Scammers commit financial fraud or identity theft, which is quite common with fake text messages where they offer free prizes, gift cards, coupons, low-rate or no-interest credit cards, pay off student loans, or claim issues with payment information.

There are many reasons why this kind of tool needs to exist. Cybercrime scams many people, and India is rated one of the top countries for such issues. Not everyone is aware of such issues, and with such tools, at least regular users could check for fraud, scams, or shady links.

How to use Norton Genie AI to detect online scams

Links from unknown senders can inadvertently download malware and perform phishing and smishing attacks, which are fast-growing techniques. Tools like ChatGPT also make it easier for scammers to create massive amounts of customised and often well-written messages. Not only this, but they can also attempt to mimic a person in audio or video, making it easier for scammers to deceive others.

How to use Norton Genie

This service is still in the early stages of development and is available in limited regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

How to use Norton Genie AI to detect online scams
  • Visit Norton Genie Scam Detector, or you can start by downloading the Norton Genie AI tools, available for iOS and Android apps, which are said to be released later.
  • After that, click “Try Genie Online,” and then it will ask you to select an image or text that you want to check for scams.
  • Next, click “Begin Scams” after you upload the image or text based on your preference.
  • It will then start analysing itself with the company’s database of online scams and sharing several factors, such as the intent of the message, in order to build a threat assessment.
  • After checking, it will show a report indicating whether it is a scam. If it fails, it will show the message “Signs of Advance Fee Scams,” enough to warn and protect the average user.
  • It can also tell you whether the message is a scam or not.

With the chatbot, you can further discuss your questions or concerns. It also shares a few suggested questions. You can write your prompt in the text box, and it will generate a response according to the user’s context.

There is always an increasing demand for better cybersecurity solutions, especially in the modern era, where AI is rapidly improving and can create scams that are not easy to identify. GPTZero, or WormGPT, is one example that can easily build viruses, malware, phishing attempts, social engineering, deep fakes, and other tasks. As scammers innovate rapidly with new technology, cybersecurity firms are developing tools to detect suspicious AI-aided scams and other types of fraud to keep users safe.

During initial testing, the results with Genie seem legitimate; however, it needs to include some specific details and requires many improvements to understand and respond to users’ questions. It is still in the early phase of development, so it will need some time before the company releases it to everyone and it becomes truly effective. For now, this is one of the tools to detect scams, and users should also use other methods as they usually do.

You can also upload a screenshot or text message to check, and you can follow up and ask questions to get tips. Users can also share their feedback on Norton Genie on community boards. Additionally, users can report any phishing scams to the authorities, such as the FTC,, or