Samsung is always working on the newest and greatest innovation, where they have lost the first foldable smartphone and will likely have more to come next year. Samsung’s flagship smartphone series is Galaxy s series.

Samsung’s upcoming smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy s series would be Samsung Galaxy S21 phone. Will this introduce an under-display selfie camera? What has leaked from a popular list known as the Ice Universe? Every smartphone manufacturer is pushing its capabilities to make a notch-less, bezel-less smartphone. We have already seen the round display and prototype of Under display camera smartphone from Xiaomi and Oppo.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The display camera has not yet been launched for commercial use but is likely to be an under-display selfie camera smartphone, but arrived this year or possibly announced. The device from Samsung is expected to launch in 2021 with the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S21.

Not to mention do under-display cameras complete with LED display panels, especially those designed by Samsung itself as they have their own display division. We believe that the prototype smartphone from Oppo and show me. It could taken from Samsung or possibly from another display manufacturer.

However, it is also planning for its under-screen selfie camera to compete directly against two flex smartphones that will be revived next year. Therefore, Vevo is also one of the most innovative companies. It could also be preparing for the under-screen camera but has not given a statement about it.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation of the device-specific details. In contrast, we have to wait and take it as a pinch of salt as of now and believing the under please play selfie camera is developing looking forward to more innovation from Tech companies. Notably, smartphones next year and this year as well come with bleeding-edge technology.

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