BHIM UPI is a payment service that uses your bank server to pay or do banking services. It seems to be the most reliable payment service, gradually gaining importance worldwide. Even if such UPI service is perfect, there is a need for an app that can run it in the best manner. I agree we have plenty of apps, such as Google Pay PhonePe, but the Samsung Wallet app has its worthiness.

Do you know why people emphasize the Samsung Wallet app to use UPI thereon? The simple reason is that among all the UPI serving apps, Samsung Wallet offers convenience in managing payments; Tokenization security support, Simplicity, and accessibility are the real reasons. But the problem is that even though people know that they have such a benefit, they need to learn how to use BHIM UPI On the Samsung Wallet app.

How to use BHIM UPI on the Samsung Wallet app 

Being a service from Samsung, the first thing to consider is that you need a Samsung account to use it. Moreover, later on, you need to add UPI’s to the Samsung Wallet app. So, whichever UPI is connected to your bank account can work the same on the Samsung Wallet app as earlier did over BHIM. There is no hard and fast rule for running BHIM UPI on that Samsung app. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the extreme benefits of UPI with a more thrilling combination here. So, without wasting any more time, let us set up UPI over Samsung Wallet.

How to use BHIM UPI on Samsung Wallet app
  • Simply launch the Samsung Wallet app.
  • Then tap on the Menu tab.
  • Now Tap on BHIM UPI accounts >> Tap add account.
  • Next, Choose the SIM card that you use for UPI payments.
  • After that, Enter your UPI ID and Password.
  • Then tap on the add account button.
  • That is it; you are ready to use UPI on the Samsung Wallet app from the next moment.

Once these steps are completed, open your Samsung Wallet app and Tap the BHIM UPI accounts tab. Next, tap on the UPI you want to use, Scan the QR code, and pay as you previously did. Meanwhile, after the above setup, use the UPI service Over Samsung Wallet app and enjoy the add-on features from Samsung. One of my favorites is to add your UPI PIN to the Samsung Wallet app so that you don’t need to enter UPI payment again and again. 

Not only that but a feature to use the scan and pay shortcut along with managing multiple accounts. Also, you can use this wallet to purchase online and make whatever payments you make simply and in the best secure manner. Remember, this was just a start. Samsung has more plans to add some value to their Wallet app. At present, I hope this simple guide adds some value to you, or even if any user has a query, then ask below.

class="wp-block-heading">Frequently asked questions

Q1. Does Samsung Wallet support UPI?

Ans. Along with several mobility features, UPI is one of them.

Q2. Is Samsung Wallet a digital wallet?

Ans. It is a mobile payment app with a digital wallet.

Q3. Which banks work with Samsung Wallet?

Ans. Almost all the RBI Scheduled banks work with it.

Q4. Is it safe to use Samsung Wallet?

Ans. Of course, their security is beyond the privacy a user needs.