Samsung released another handful of add-ons to the Good Lock app module, RegiStar. You can download this app module from Samsung’s Galaxy Store. The Good Lock app is all you need to use on your Samsung device. 

RegiStar allows you to customize the menu for your Galaxy Smartphone or tablet. This means you can add or remove the menu and reorganize it according to your preference. On top of it, you can change your display name to your full name or nickname. Further, if you don’t wish to show your email address on your settings home screen, you can hide it. 

Samsung’s one of the most powerful utility tools, Good Lock, allows you to customize your device beyond Android’s customization functionality. With the RegiStar app, you can re-allocate Samsung’s Power button to open Google Assistant. 

You need to press and hold the power button to open Google Assistant after enabling this functionality in the Registrar app module. 

How do I open Google Assistant with a power button on a Samsung Smartphone? 

  • Download the RegiStar app and launch it. 
  • Go to the Side-key press and hold option. 
  • Choose “Access your Google Assistant” 
  • That’s it! 



You can do more with Side-key press-and-hold actions like Show notifications, mute or unmute all volumes, take and share screenshots and more. Add more action with back tap action for double-tap and triple tap including Start pop-up window, Show recent apps and more.