Samsung Electronics tries to offer the best experience to its users and always tries something better than the existing one. Like with Samsung Pay, they want the tap and pay feature functionality from Galaxy Watch. Because initially, there was no such support from them. Nevertheless, it seems now it is possible to tap and pay on Samsung Pay via Galaxy Watch. 

Initially, the feature was unavailable, but the recent update rolled out to all Samsung watches made it possible. However, the support is yet available to the Indian, even though users are restricted from using Samsung Pay. Because the watch is updated to the latest OS, the phone frequently nudges for updating the watch, which is already updated. Nevertheless, don’t worry; we explain something better.

How to use Samsung Pay via Galaxy Watch in India

Samsung Pay is a privileged payment cum wallet service from Samsung that recently offers up availability. We all have seen that NFC enabled payments where just getting the debit card near NFC makes the payment. The same experience Samsung wants in their watch. For this, they initiated this feature, but that was for users other than India. 

Later, they rolled out the OneUI 5 Update for Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic. Again, the same problem occurs when we open the Samsung pay drawer in a watch; the paired Samsung phone prompts unnecessarily. Moreover, users are craving to use that tap-and-pay feature over Samsung Watch. Noting that we found a significant way to run Samsung Pay with Tap and Pay feature on Galaxy Watch, let us have.

Note: While following the steps, ensure the Galaxy Watch is connected to the Samsung Phone.

  • Simply Install the Samsung Pay (Watch Plug-in) APK from here.
  • Then open the Samsung Pay on your Galaxy watch.
  • Now, Add your debit or credit cards to it.
  • Next, Press and hold the back button on your Galaxy Watch.
  • Following this, the Samsung Pay App will open.
  • Now tap on the card that you want to use.
  • After that, Hold your Galaxy Watch near the payment terminal until you feel a vibration.
  • This way, you can use the Tap & pay feature in Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch.

In this manner, you can experience the instant payment feature by tapping pay on your Galaxy watch. But remember to note that this is a tweak to the official process because the official rollout showcased problems while opening the Samsung Pay on the watch. I hope to be shortly, developers from Samsung will fix it. Until then, you can use that feature and rely on it. Regarding this, if any user has a query, then ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Does Samsung Pay work on Galaxy watch in India?

Ans. Yes, you have the availability to use Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch.

Q2. How do I use Samsung Pay on my Galaxy watch?

Ans. You can follow the above steps for this.

Q3. Does Google Assistant work on Galaxy Watch 4 in India?

Ans. Galaxy Watch 4 supports Google Assistant.

Q4. Will the US version of Galaxy Watch 4 work in India?

Ans. There is no official update, but some users find it working.