Samsung is Testing its Latest Custom Skin based on Android 10, Which Will be roll-out to the previously launched device. While they also optimisation there UI for the upcoming and testing new Features. Which Means by Decode those codes unveiled something about the future products from Samsung. Not to Mention, We already know that the Samsung S11 (S20) Would offer a Higher Refresh rate display, 108MP Camera Sensor and more Top-Notch Specs.

Samsung Android 10 based OneUI 2.0 Reveals Samsung Galaxy S20’s camera features, Fold 2’s charging, more

The Competition for a Smartphone market getting serious and would be Bigger than current. The APK Teardown done by XDA-Developers predicting features, Which Will be arriving in upcoming devices including Smartphone and Other products. The OneUI 2.0 from Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Firmware decode using APKTool. Exactly, We can’t Predict the Specific but Features to be arriving.

Single Take Shots

Samsung Developed a New AI-based Mode to take pictures and video in any Kind of Scenario, Quite Similar to Google’s Photobooth Mode from Google Pixel. Where it can detect a Smile, kiss or other Scene. Also, Samsung includes it for Selfie and Other Environment Scenario.

Director View

Apple iPhone 11 Series launched a Called Filmic Pro Similar Feature, Likely Samsung is also working on it allow you to Record a and Track to focus. Also, It helo you to get Close-up Shots, Record Interview and Cinematic shots further than Current Generation.

Pro Video

Manual or Pro Mode is for a Long time on Samsung Device for Image but seems to be brought to Video Called Pro Video With Newer Updates featuring a Limited Pro Modes Photos. Here you can Adjust the Exposure, Shutter Speed, Color tone and ISO Manually. On the other hand, The Video Will automatically Choose Scene based on Scenario using AI Video Recording.

Bokeh Effect (Portrait Effect)

Samsung OneUi 2

Samsung Introduced Live Focus With the Launched on Galaxy Note 8. While Galaxy S10 Bring a 4 New Bokeh mode including an Artify, Mono, Sidelight and Vintage. While they Were Working on Glitch Effect as a Bokeh Effect With a Live Focus. It Could be Become a Photography Mode along With Video Mode because it looks better in the video.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 With Fast charging Technology

Samsung OneUi 2

There is a File Named “Bloom” Suggest it Will be an Animation file for 2020 Galaxy. Which Suggest the Super Fast charging comes with a Minimum 25W Fast Charger and 45W Fast Charger. Apart from that, To Power the Device it Equipped With a 900mAh battery according to rumours.

Improved Battery Life

Samsung OneUi 2

Not to mention, Samsung is also optimising there UI, and we expected it to be Improved along with a Battery Life management. This Include a Battery Health Check to show its age means when the right time is to replace the battery. This Feature helps apple to Reduced the e-Waster by Encouraging repair over upgrades. Which doesn’t means it Easier to repair but up to point.

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