Samsung is starting to roll out the Android 14-based One UI 6 to the Galaxy S23 Series, bringing significant improvements. One notable improvement is highly inspired by the recent iOS 17 announcements. Users can now create stickers on their smartphones from photos in the gallery.

The update has already started rolling out to the Galaxy S23 Series and will soon be available to more devices in the coming weeks. In this article, we will share a guide on how to use the Save Sticker feature directly in the gallery itself and use the stickers across apps, including WhatsApp.

How to Create and Save Stickers on Samsung Devices | One UI 6

You may find similar features in third-party applications, but Samsung has built it into the device for all kinds of ways to make stickers on Android smartphones. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at this.

  • Open the gallery on your device.
  • Then, go to the photo from which you want to save a sticker.
  • Long-press on the object you want to cut out, and a white circle animation will appear.
  • After that, the object will pop out of the image, and the selection menu will appear.
  • Choose “Save Sticker.” However, if you want to save it as an image, tap on “Save as an image.”
  • The sticker will then be saved, and you can use it in the app of your choice by choosing the Emoji/Sticker icon on the keyboard.
  • Next, tap on the Gallery option, which will immediately show all the stickers you have created.

This feature is called Image Clipper, introduced with Android 13-based One UI 5.1, and now it has been significantly upgraded with the option to create and save stickers on Galaxy smartphones with One UI 6.0 support.

Save the clipped image as a sticker.

When you clip an object from the gallery’s image by long pressing the object, you can save it as a sticker. Furthermore, you can also polish the image to create a sticker that you can use later when editing pictures or videos and chatting using Samsung’s keyboard.

In addition to this, when you clip objects from images or videos according to your preference, a pop-up will give you the option to copy or share the cut-out or save it as a sticker or an image. If you save it as a sticker, you can easily pull it up and add it to other content whenever you are in the editor on your phone or social app.

However, Samsung already can create and save stickers on Samsung devices. You can quickly transform your videos into GIFs, add personalized stickers to your photos, and share your creations.

  • Open the gallery, then select the images you want to create stickers with.
  • Tap on Edit, and go to the Decoration icon. Then, tap on the sticker.
  • Now, please tap on the Gallery icon that appears at the bottom-left to use it to create a sticker. The free-form tool at the bottom helps users mark the sticker area.
  • After finishing the final, you can tap Save to save your picture with the sticker design and then save again when prompted.
  • That is it! You can navigate to the picture in the gallery to view and share it.