Samsung released an update for its consumer SSD management tool, Magician software, which brings optimisation and performance improvements. The dashboard remains the same but more prominent than the previous one. Users can access the dashboard to view capacity, temperature, and other similar details.

Samsung Magician 8.0 continues to offer the same level of experience as before. It has optimised its intelligent chatbot, advanced benchmark testing, and similar options to check the SSD, MicroSD, USB Flash drive, external SSD, or SD memory card from Samsung. The latest version of Magician 8.0 is now a more comprehensive version of Samsung’s Storage Media Management Software.

What is Samsung’s Magician, and how does it work?

It is Samsung’s software for managing Samsung Memory Solutions like SSDs, external SSDs, memory cards, and USB flash drives. With this, you can easily update the firmware to the latest version to ensure stable performance and reliability.

Samsung Magician 8.0 Storage Management for Android, Windows, and MacOS | Download

The company also offers System Compatibility, Performance Benchmarking, Performance Optimisation, over-provisioning, Secure Erase, and Data Security to maximise the performance and lifespan of the drive.

Additionally, some third-party SSD manufacturers also support Samsung Magician. To start using it, users need a compatible SSD, and to run Samsung Magician, users need to be running Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, or Android 5.1 or higher. Currently, Linux does not have its version of Samsung Magician.

Update your Samsung Magician to 8.0.

Under the hood, it brings performance improvements to understand real-time events better. These improvements bring better performance with the recent update, and there are four modes to choose from: full SSD performance, energy-saving, normal mode, and custom mode.

Samsung Magician 8.0 Storage Management for Android, Windows, and MacOS | Download

Samsung released Magician 8.0 on various platforms, including Android, Windows, and macOS, to provide better software support for the firmware and improve performance and oversight of your storage media.

However, some third-party manufacturers support Samsung’s Magician, but it is specifically optimised and designed for use with Samsung SSDs. Not to mention, it does not work with SSDs that are connected via the SCSI controller interface.

Download Samsung’s Magician 8.0.

Users can download Samsung Magician 8.0 from Samsung’s official website.

  • Driver Health Check: You can quickly check for drivers, firmware, and other things like performance, temperature, optimisation, and more in real-time.
  • Genuine: You can check Samsung’s SSD authentication.
  • SMART Check: To further check your SSD and help detect any failures with the SSD
  • Benchmark: You can perform a benchmark test and customise your test conditions by adjusting test volume, chunk size, and more.
  • Performance Optimisation: Users can choose the performance mode they want to run their SSD in, such as Full Performance, Standard, Energy Saving, or Custom Mode.
  • Diagnostic: You can scan for any potential issues with a simple diagnostic scan.
  • Over Provisioning: Your driver will perform routine maintenance for more effective and faster speeds with a longer lifespan.
  • Data Migration: You can easily migrate all your data, including your OS and other files.
  • Secure Erase: You can easily erase sensitive data without losing or compromising driver functionality.
  • PSID Revert: You do need a PSID for resetting your driver.
  • Encrypted Drive: Protected by BitLocker Drive Encryption, it keeps your data safe.
  • Others include information for Check & Update, Newsroom, and Help Centre to keep you updated.

This is said to increase the performance of Samsung’s storage media, checking for errors and protecting the data from unauthorised access. While ensuring the optimal performance of Samsung’s SSD by keeping firmware, drivers, and other settings up to date, it also offers flexible customisation options to enhance the user experience according to the user’s performance.

Samsung benchmarking testing

The benchmarking tools of the Samsung Magician 8.0 make it easier for users to tailor their storage according to their needs. You can use it if you own a Samsung SSD 840 or higher series, including external SSDs like the T5 or higher.

Samsung Magician 8.0 Storage Management for Android, Windows, and MacOS | Download

Additionally, it allows users to benchmark, perform factory reset settings, and configure passwords and fingerprints to protect their data. Moreover, Samsung Magician 8.0 Storage Management also facilitates firmware updates, making updating the SSD firmware to the latest version easier.

Samsung Magician 8.0 Storage Management for Android, Windows, and MacOS | Download

Furthermore, there is an option to customise the colour and LED effects, which is only supported on SSDs with these features. The latest version of Magician 8.0 is an integrated software solution for Samsung Storage Media Solutions.