There is only one Android device that is known for its superior security: Samsung. They developed a security feature called “Knox” that is available on both premium and budget smartphones. A research firm called “Gartner” evaluated Knox and iOS security and found that Knox is better than iOS Security.

Knox Security is so important that Samsung is celebrating its 10th anniversary. As a tech giant, Samsung has announced a new security feature called “Samsung Knox Matrix” that will be available starting in 2024. Let’s see what makes Samsung Knox Matrix so special.

Samsung Knox turns 10 years, Celebrating 10th Anniversary with Announcing Knox Matrix

In the past 10 years, Knox Security has been a great experience for Samsung users. They don’t worry about fraud because their phones have Samsung’s in-house security system. That’s why Samsung is the only company that provides four years of OS-upgrade, and five years of security updates. Knox Security works with Google Play, Samsung Pay, and Any Payment app without fail.

Samsung Knox’s Core security layer ensures that sensitive data is always safe. Many users choose Samsung because of this security feature. Knox Security gets annoying notifications from unlicensed applications and blockchain needs.

Samsung launched Knox Matrix to protect billions of users worldwide. It turns 10 years old.

To celebrate Galaxy’s anniversary, Samsung introduced a new version of Knox called Knox Matrix. Developers fixed the significant issues that Knox faced at its launch. According to the official newsroom, Knox Matrix will have three things: Trust chain, Credentials Sync, and Cross platform SDK. The name isn’t the only catchy thing; let’s learn more to understand better.

Trust Chain

Samsung Knox, the typical version, lacks a feature where if one user has a security flaw, the whole connection is at risk. However, Knox Matrix protects and monitors all devices within the connection. If a user within the connection is found to be insecure, they are automatically removed from the connection. Samsung calls this feature a Trust Chain.

Credentials Sync

Previously, when a user had multiple Samsung-supported devices, their credentials were synced. However, with Knox Security, we did not have secure data sync options. Thanks to Knox Matrix, users can obtain data credentials when moving from one device to another. This means they can freely log in to their accounts without worrying about the consequences.

Cross Platform SDK

Developers are considering Knox Matrix’s wide acceptability. In the past, Knox’s traditional feature only allowed for certain operating systems. The new Knox Matrix, however, permits devices on other operating systems, such as Android, Tizen, and Windows, to participate in the Knox Matrix network.

More features will be released once the security function launches. As of now, Knox Matrix is expected to roll out next year, and Galaxy S24 or Fold 6 is expected to be the first devices to use Knox Matrix. Samsung also plans to extend this security to TVs and home appliances in the next 2-3 years, making them compatible with Knox Matrix. We’ll see what Samsung discloses in the coming months about this robust blockchain network, Knox Matrix.

class="wp-block-heading">Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. What is Samsung Knox used for? A: Samsung Knox is a security feature that monitors and provides services to keep confidential data safe at every layer of Galaxy devices.
  • Q2. Is Knox free for Samsung? A: Yes, Knox is a completely free security solution from Samsung.
  • Q3. Can a Samsung phone with Knox be hacked? A: While there might be a chance that some expert hackers can reach the faux OS, they can’t access your private data.
  • Q4. Is Samsung Knox a chip? A: Yes, Samsung Knox is an independent processor on the SoC.