Samsung offers a range of advanced features in its Galaxy Watches, including a fall detection feature that aims to enhance user safety. Alongside several health alert functions, this feature has become a valuable addition to the smartwatch lineup. However, some Galaxy Watch users have encountered an issue with fall detection notifications, which hampers their ability to utilize other functions effectively.

The Fall Detection Notification Issue

Numerous community users have reported experiencing repeated pop-ups of the hard fall detection notification on their Galaxy Watches, even when no fall has occurred. This persistent problem has caused frustration among users. If you’re facing the fall detection notification issue on your Galaxy Watch, fret not! We have a solution for you.

Understanding Samsung’s Fall Detection Feature

The fall detection feature on Samsung smartphones triggers a 60-second notification on the Galaxy Watch when it detects a hard fall. If the user doesn’t respond within the specified time, the watch sends an SOS message to the emergency contact associated with the user’s location. Additionally, the smartwatch enables users to make emergency calls if they are physically capable of doing so.

Resolving the Galaxy Watch Fall Detection Notification Issue

To address the fall detection notification problem and ensure a smooth user experience, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect Your Galaxy Watch to Your Smartphone

Firstly, ensure that your Galaxy Watch is connected to your smartphone. The two devices need to be paired for seamless communication and the ability to change settings.

Step 2: Open the Galaxy Wearable App

Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone. This app provides a comprehensive range of settings and customization options for your Galaxy Watch.

Step 3: Access Watch Settings

Within the Galaxy Wearable app, locate and tap on the Watch Settings option. This section houses various watch-related configurations and preferences.

Step 4: Navigate to Safety and Emergency Settings

Once you’re in the Watch Settings, scroll down and find the Safety and Emergency option. Tap on it to access the relevant settings.

Step 5: Select Hard Fall Detection

Within the Safety and Emergency settings, you’ll find the Hard fall detection feature. Tap on it to modify the specific settings related to fall detection.

Step 6: Choose the ‘Only During Workout’ Option

To alleviate the persistent fall detection notification issue, select the ‘Only during workout’ option. This setting ensures that fall detection notifications are active exclusively during workout sessions, reducing unnecessary alerts during daily activities.

And that’s it! By following these steps, you can customize the fall detection feature on your Galaxy Watch and effectively manage the notification issue.


Samsung’s inclusion of a fall detection feature in its Galaxy Watches showcases the brand’s commitment to user safety. However, the repeated fall detection notifications have posed a challenge for some users. By adjusting the settings to limit notifications to workout sessions only, users can enjoy a seamless smartwatch experience without unnecessary interruptions.

Remember to regularly check for software updates from Samsung to ensure optimal performance and stability of your Galaxy Watch.


  1. Q: Why am I receiving fall detection notifications on my Galaxy Watch when no fall has occurred? 
    fall detection feature on Samsung Galaxy Watches might occasionally trigger false notifications. Follow the steps outlined in the article to adjust the settings and limit notifications to workout sessions.
  2. Q: Can I completely disable the fall detection feature on my Galaxy Watch? 
     Yes, you can disable the fall detection feature entirely if you don’t require it. However, we recommend keeping it active for enhanced safety during workouts or physical activities.
  3. Q: Will disabling the fall detection feature affect other health-related functions on my Galaxy Watch? 
     No, disabling the fall detection feature will not impact other health-related functions or features on your Galaxy Watch. It only affects the fall detection notification system.
  4. Q: Are there any alternative methods to resolve the fall detection notification issue? 
     Currently, the recommended solution is to adjust the fall detection settings to ‘Only during workout.’ Samsung may release software updates or provide additional guidance if alternate solutions become available.
  5. Q: Can I configure emergency contacts on my Galaxy Watch? 
     Yes, you can set up emergency contacts on your Galaxy Watch through the companion smartphone app. Refer to the user manual or Samsung’s support resources for detailed instructions.