Samsung officially released their Kernel Source code for the Galaxy S23 Series after releasing the first software update. This year you will have more interesting custom ROMs as there is no Exynos version which makes it easier for developers to focus on fewer smartphones. US Edition and the Global Galaxy S23 Series have received the Kernel Source Code because Android uses Linux Kernel at its core.

To comply with the GNU General Public License Version 2. Samsung has a very good reputation for releasing the Kernel Source code, whereas other OEMs delay the release of their kernel source code for some reason. Last year, the Galaxy S22 Series Kernel Source code was released within two weeks of its release.

There are two different Kernel Source codes, which belong to the SM-S91xB and SM-S91xU. This means it doesn’t cover all region variants for the very first time; all the Galaxy S Series devices are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform, which means Samsung is able to pack and release the unified kernel tree by combining the package.


Samsung Open Source

You can download the Kernel from the source by choosing the variant and then downloading by clicking on the download button. Save it as you want to save the code archives. It’s actually helpful for the development of Third-party ROMs, which is really helpful for the entire Modding community. We will also share those Custom ROMs over here, so stay tuned for more updates in future on the same.