Samsung upcoming smartphone would be Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, it was and its flagship smartphone one of the Year. We already have a lot of reports about the device but recently some reports also surface online. So let’s take a closer look to word and know more about it.

According to a recent report, Rose young has done q and a session there he reveals that 16 GB of RAM would be the extended memory configuration for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus. Moreover, the device reportedly going to have LPDDR5 as a standard model for faster Ram support.

Not to mention standard 16gb of Ram I will also go to continue with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series including Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20+. Samsung has already mass-producing there 16GB LPDDR5 Ram’s for the Samsung Galaxy s 20 series as well so it would not be something new that Samsung is going so far.


the other hand, there was some region and countries that still using the LTE connectivity, so we can expect the device to be also available in LTE version alongside 5G compatibility. it is not sure that 16GB Ram module is exclusively available for 5G models for would be available for the LTE version as well.

Samsung has officially announced its mass-producing 16GB LPDDR5 DRAM since February, it would not be surprising that Samsung has been going to implement that faster module in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. Samsung Galaxy series has always been one of the most powerful smartphones to have and also considered for the most powerful multitasking device.

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