Samsung Galaxy Note 9 just arrived last Month officially at Aug 24 with the Price tag of $1,000 With a Massive 4000mAh Battery but Regarding its Safety a Woman has filed a lawsuit against Samsung. Were Samsung Clarify that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 battery is a Completely Safe by CEO DJ Koh. He Says ” The Engineers at Samsung Confident of its Safety” But after a Month Diane Chung is Claiming about a Samsung Galaxy S9 Catches fire Inside a Long Island Purse, on Sept 3 Chung was in Elevator of Bayside Building When here Brand New Galaxy Note 9 “Became Extremely Hot” in New York Post.

Diane Chung has filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the Queens Supreme Court, seeking damages from the South Korean firm,  as well as a restraining order on the sale of Note 9. According to the lawsuit, Chung was in the elevator after midnight on 3 September, when he fell her Samsung galaxy note is “extremely hot” and she decides to stop using the mobile phone and after some time her phone catches fire in the wallet, Diane Chung is trying to stop the fire but didn’t stop fire

Daine Chung claimed on Galaxy note 9 catch fire in her wallet but Samsung is replied has claimed that this is the first incident to galaxy note 9 is catching the wire, CEO Koh Dong-jin has also response it is not possible to galaxy note 9 is catch fire because there is come multi-step and battery is safely check. He is ensuring that the phone would ‘absolutely not fire.

We have Similar Reports for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 back in 2016 With the Bursting Flames incident. at that Time Samsung Recall its Million of Devices. This is the first Report Regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Catching fire, But for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 didn’t receive any Reports Currently. What did you Think about it let Us Know We are Interesting to Hear from you!