Samsung’s Brand New Galaxy Fold Smartphone, Which Released Recently Where Samsung’s Review Unit get in Trouble after 48 Hours of Uses. The Review Units Received by Reviewers are Revealing Serious Display Issue.


There is Plastic on the top of Display Lining the Glaxay Folds Inside the Display, Which Just appears Like a Packaging. Where We unwrap From our New Smartphone. First thing First, The Plastic Poping ups Looking like to Peel Off and Most of them Do as Well. After Peeling off from the Device Now the Device is Officially Broken.

The Display having a Protective Film on Galaxy Fold Display, Where Samsung to Put a Warning Label on the Device of the Box. But Some of them Remove the Built-in Screen protector due to Lack of Clear Instruction in the Box. These issues Include the Screen and the Hinge. 

The Thing is that You just Need to pull that and it Get off. Really With Just a Fingernail You Broke a $1980 Smartphone. Even the Warning Notice is on the Box not in the device Display. The Worst Part of this Was there Were Some Smartphone Which doesn’t Even has an Instruction on Every Single Galaxy Fold.

Where Samsung Should put a Warning Notice in the Front of Our Eyes Because of no one Read Instruction. Where Most of Smartphone Manufacturer Used to Put Important Things Right Just in front of Our Eyes.

Even you Couldn’t Apply Screen protector or Sticker on Screen, Because it Could damage the Plastic. I think if that Plastic isn’t User Removable, Then Why Not Samsung build-it into the Display itself or anything. So that Users Can’t Peel it Off With Finger.


There Were Some users Who don’t Even Touch the Plastic and They Get Dead Pixel Lines. Also, The Screen Freaking Out. Further CNBC also Reports for its consistently Flickers Screen Without Removed or Touch the Protective Film.

However, Samsung Claim that Galaxy fold Can Hold up to 200,000 Folds Which Prices $1980. Where Samsung sold out the nearly $2,000 device online in Just one day. But Still, They Can fix the Issue Because of it an Early Stage There and Started Shipping yet. 

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Now, We are Waiting for Huawei Mate x to Avoid this Problem.

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