Samsung’s latest Galaxy Buds wireless buds are considered to be one of the best audio products, but people who are allergic to nickel are advised to avoid using the Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless buds. However, they are not built entirely with nickel; instead, they are mostly made out of stainless steel, which is one of the most popular metals around the globe especially used in kitchen appliances.

The company officially confirmed that earbuds might cause some allergic reactions in some people because theGalaxy Buds wireless earbuds does have a small percentage of nickel and acrylate contained within the stainless steel. This is on both Galaxy Buds Live and Buds Pro, stainless steel air vents mesh because it is actually considered to be a high-standard material because it has anti-rust properties which protect it when it becomes wet due to sweat or rain.

Samsung uses a mixture of iron, chrome, and nickel to build the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and Buds Pro, and the small percentage of nickel could cause some people to have an allergic reaction. Several news reports came out after the launch of Earbuds. This is not only about Samsung; Apple does it as well.

Companies should use plastic or other materials to avoid such issues by replacing the stainless steel component with nickel with plastic. So if you know that you are allergic to Earbuds, then you should avoid using them as some people actually react badly to these Earbuds.
You can read more about the guidance for users who are sensitive to certain materials, and if you have no issue, then you can head over to buy Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 from Samsung’s website.