Everyone seems to have an interest in the Chromebook, but Galaxy users have a better alternative called Samsung Dex. You can do a lot on Dex compared to Chromebook with your Device. You need an external display with Type-C and Keyboard and Mouse or use your Device screen as a trackpad. It can’t replace the use of a full Laptop or PC, but it is superior to the Chromebook. Today in this article, we will be sharing what is possible and how you can make full use of the Galaxy Dex, so without further ado, let’s check this out.

Samsung Dex

Using DeX on your Smartphone and Tablet consumes less power and makes no noise compared to Laptop/ Desktop. It is more convenient than the traditional way of a workstation. This platform gives users the ability to use their Galaxy Smartphone or tablet as a desktop-like experience on an external display. Samsung recently started rolling out the One Ui 5.1, which brings nifty upgrades as it refines the desktop UI with better multi-window and Window-Snapping capabilities.

With the same Samsung and Google account, it makes file sharing easy between your Samsung devices with Quick Share and allows users to access apps, login credentials and much more. You are also going to love the Samsung Clipboard, which comes in handy for copying text and transferring links across devices. It’s not perfect either; there are some missing features which come with Windows Photo-editing software.

Why Dex is better than Chromebook

There are some specific use-case scenarios for the Chromebook, but for general use, Dex pretty much does everything, which includes running Android apps. ChromeBook will cost you less compared to buying a flagship Galaxy Smartphone. This is handy when you see that it brings flexibility, but using Chromebook brings extension support, more Linux things and more.

DeX – “probably on its way out”
by u/mobile_desktop_rocks in SamsungDex

But as far as the Display quality, Build quality and support for S Pen go, they make the whole experience better. Although Chromebook doesn’t communicate well either with the Smartphone and the cross-device experience doesn’t feel that great at all. This is why Samsung Dex is far better than the Chromebook.