Microsoft and Samsung work closely together, they have brought the Phone Link which allows to sync phone notifications, Recent Calls, and access to Photos including screenshot access. I believe Phone Links have slowly evolved and reached their maturity and best work with Samsung devices. Other Android devices also support Phone Link but a lot of features like opening apps don’t work.

Also, why I recommend using Phone Link with Samsung because on Samsung you don’t need to separately install the app from the Play Store like another store. Due to the partnership, Phone Link can be toggled to enable or disable from the quick panel, also easy to set up. So without further ado let’s check how you can use it.

How to Setup Phone Links on Samsung and Windows Devices

First, we need to Link our Samsung device to the Phone Link, for which you need to update the Phone Link on both Android and Windows. However, before that, you need to ensure a few things.

  • Both devices should be connected to the Same Wi-Fi network.
  • A few features like Phone calls, allow you to pick up your Samsung device calls from a PC which require Bluetooth enabled and paired together.

Link your Samsung to Windows

Microsoft has rebranded the Phone Link to Link to Windows on Android, and Phone Link on Windows It comes pre-installed on Selected Samsung and Honor devices.

  • Update Phone Link on Samsung devices from the Play Store or Galaxy Store and on Windows from the Windows Store.
  • Now coming to your Phone, Swipe down the Quick-panel and tap on Link to Windows.
    • If it isn’t appearing on your Quick panel then add it to your Quick panel else you can navigate to Settings > Advance Feature > Toggle to enable Link to Windows and tap on it to open the Link to Window
  • Then tap on Sign-in, continue and then click on your Linked Account.
  • Click on Add a New Computer, Then tap on Continue to scan QR.
  • Open the Phone LInk on your Computer which will show which device you want to add, Android or iPhone click on Android.
  • Then it will create a QR code which you need to scan with your Phone.
  • That’s it, Now it shows Your been linked on both a Samsung device and on Windows Phone link.
  • Click on Continue on PC then Grant permission to access everything, Photos click on Send Notification and then on your device you will receive the notification for permission to allow it.

Once you link your device you can then check for syncing the Windows Clipboard sync with the Samsung device.

  • Open the Phone Link on Windows, and then Click on the gear icon to open settings.
  • From the left menu bar, Click on Features.
  • From there you need to enable the Cross-device copy and paste.
  • That’s it.

Now, whenever you copy anything your Windows clipboard will be copied to your Samsung device as well. Anything you copy on a Samsung device will also be copied to your Windows Clipboard.

Note: You won’t be able to copy/paste Samsung’s Secure folder for security reasons but also if there is anything related to the format it won’t be copied to a Samsung device.

Use Windows Clipboard sync with any Android phone.

I believe this is what users need. Phone links allow users to sync their clipboards with each other. However, for this feature to work, you need One UI 3.1 or higher. If you don’t have a Samsung device, you can achieve this by installing the Phone Link (Linked to Windows) and Swift Key on any other device.

How to Sync the Windows Clipboard with a Samsung Device

Ensure you are using the same account on Phone Link and Swift Key. After linking your Android device, you can enjoy clipboard sharing by enabling it through Swift Key and in the Windows settings for the clipboard, select “Automatically sync text that I copy.”

How to Sync the Windows Clipboard with a Samsung Device