Samsung’s latest flagship device comes with a major hardware upgrade, and in South Korea, Samsung is pushing USIM. However, reportedly some users have common issues, including broken calls, messages, and data access because of the USIM.

However, Samsung stated that when you first insert the USIM into the newly launched Galaxy S23 Series, things like calls, messages, and data access may be blocked due to the USIM change. You may receive a request for authentication with a text message.

If you have not authenticated your device using the URL that was expected to be received on your phone via text message, it could be the reason for the issues you are facing. This might be a simple case of having restricted data communication, and not an issue with Samsung or any hardware. All major carriers in South Korea, including Korea Telecom and LG Uplus, follow this common policy as per the law of Korea Information and Communication Promotion Association Information Provider Consent Procedure. When you change your SIM to USIM, call, message, and data access may be blocked in order to re-verify the identity of the holder in the Dual SIM (USIM and eSIM).

If you are one of those users who are having problems, then you should check for authentication or authenticate yourself with the help of a self-authentication URL. We have shared an in-depth guide on this. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

How to Verify Your uSIM on Your Galaxy Smartphone

  • Contact the customer support of the telecommunication company you have contracted with.
  • Request them to send you a USIM verification authentication.
  • Connect your device to a network to access the internet using Wi-Fi or a hotspot.
  • Open the link from the authentication text message.
  • Now you can start with the authentications. That’s it!