Apple has been manufacturing tech gadgets with the exact calling experience for years, making it easy for users to navigate the Call screen even with their eyes closed. However, the recent update shows that Apple will redesign the Call screen from iOS 17 onwards. iOS 17 is scheduled to arrive publicly alongside the release of the iPhone 15 in September 2023.

If you are aware, Apple has been testing this iOS version for numerous months, with the first developer test conducted in July. Subsequently, they have done several testing phases to make it stable for the general public. Surprisingly, Apple released the Public beta for iOS 17 today, and a significant change has been leaked out. The Call End button now appears alongside other controls. So, let us understand how to reposition it.

How to Reposition the End Call Button on iOS

Apple recently rolled out the iOS 17 Public Beta, which allows selected public users to experience the upcoming iOS 17 before its final release. People who have joined the beta have taken screenshots and shared that, from iOS 17 onwards, the “Call End” button appears as part of the other controls. As you know, this red-colored option used to appear as a separate option beneath the other controls, but now it will be visible next to the dial pad option.

Initially, people did not believe this change, but they all wanted to experience the changed caller screen since they saw the screenshot. The problem is exploring it, as it is a public beta. For this, the simple hack is to join the Apple Beta Software Program and accordingly get into the current beta test. However, if you are already a member of such a program, there are simple steps. But do not worry, below we are sharing everything from scratch.

Note: To join the Apple Beta Software Program, you need a valid Apple ID and must accept the terms of the beta program. Also, consider that in Step 5, if you have iOS 16.3 or earlier, tap on the “Download Profile” button and proceed according to the instructions.

  • Visit Apple Beta Test Program on your iPhone.
  • Then tap “Sign up/Sign in” if you are already a member.
  • Enter the required details and sign up.
  • After that, look for iOS 17 and tap on the “Enroll Your iOS Device” link.
  • Now head to your iPhone Settings >> General >> Software Updates >> Beta Updates >> iOS 17 Public Beta.
  • Next, go back to Software Updates and install iOS 17 Public Beta.
  • Lastly, reboot your iPhone to explore the coming iOS 17 features.

After completing these steps, you are now a public beta tester for iOS 17, which means you can enjoy all the upcoming features of iOS 17, especially the repositioned Call button. New additions include a journal app, live voicemail transcription, offline maps, contact posters, camera level, and many more. Although these are new additions, the Call button becoming part of other controls is the only reason people want to join or explore iOS 17. Remember, the final release will take some more time, so until then, explore the unseen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I change the power button at the end of calls on my iPhone?

Ans. You can do that from your iPhone Accessibility Settings.

Q2. Where is Apple moving the end call button?

Ans. It will be visible in the bottom right corner of the call screen.

Q3. Does iOS have a floating button?

Ans. Yes, but it is only available for some limited apps and needs to be enabled in the settings.

Q4. What is the GREY circle on the iPhone called?

Ans. It is called the Assistive Touch feature, which helps to access instant needs.