Samsung’s upcoming flexible smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy s21, reported for the first time, where the display specification has been revealed. There were not a lot of details and confirmation is pain listed, but we can take it as A pinch of salt. So let’s take a closer look at the device and know more about it.

Samsung Galaxy S21 display highlights

we all know that Samsung has provided one of the best displays on their flagship smartphones, which likely to be continue with this device. According to the report, Samsung Galaxy s21 is going to having an OLED display panel at a lesser price compared to currently shipping the device with the same display.

Samsung Galaxy S21 also so expected to feature and Chinese manufacturing display Technology and most probably BOE would be one of those. There was some report that has been surfaced about the negotiation to crack the Steel has been taking for almost a month.

Obviously, the display of the device is not going to support 120 Hertz off screen refresh rate, even more, the device supposedly supports 90Hz of screen refresh rate. Not to mention the device is going to comes with a top-notch high and configuration to stand out as a flagship smartphone with its feature.

Samsung display division also working on 120Hz of screen refresh rate OLED display panel add affordable price category. Unfortunately, there is no for the details available about the device so far.

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