Android Phone has a special feature in that we can install applications in numerous ways. I agree it seems cool that Android has so much versatility. However, you will be surprised to find out that such a cool thing could be detrimental to your phone. I mean there are some apps on your phone causing battery drain, slow processing speed and compromising security on your phone.

It’s true that most of you install apps from the Google Play Store, which is our favorite store. Some apps, however, show them as appropriate, but later on they start causing problems. Also, there are many system apps that cause issues due to bugs in their updates, which result in issues. In this article, we will guide you through the removal of some apps, including bloatware, as well as a few tips to help keep your phone healthy.

Remove these 5 types of apps from your Android phone for better performance, security, and battery life 

Most low-end device users try to make their phones cool by installing apps like RAM savings, battery savers, etc. But you will be surprised that these are the only applications that consume your phone’s efficiency. Additionally, there are a number of other categories of apps. So, first you should remove these 5 types of apps from your phone.

Apps promise to save RAM

Since users feel they should try to save RAM when browsing numerous multitasking apps, many developers make apps that promise to do so. But you need to understand that such apps will not save your RAM. The only way to cool up RAM is to upgrade your phone. So, uninstall all such apps from your phone. 

Cleaning apps

Junk files cause numerous phone tasks that happen frequently. But a lot of people are aware of that and try to look for cleaning apps. Although it’s helpful to clean your apps, it seems pointless since you don’t need cookies if you don’t allow them when you visit a site. The second thing you should do is remove cleaning apps like Clean Master from your computer. 

Heavy social media apps

In the world of social media, we all know that we spend a lot of time watching screens. I am not saying not to utilize social media. It’s up to you. It can consume your battery health and processing speed, however, if you use social media in their applications constantly. Remove these apps and try using their lite versions, such as Facebook Lite, in the browser instead.

Apps promise to save battery

Like the apps that promise to protect your RAM, there are plenty of apps claiming to save your battery. First, you need to decide if installing an additional app can save battery life or if it will consume the existing one. Okay, don’t take so long to explain, it depends on how they use the phone. There is no way to save battery through an app. Please remove such promising apps, otherwise your phone’s battery configuration will be ruined.

Bloatware apps

The term bloatware refers to the applications that came pre-installed on your new phone. Whenever you purchase a new phone, there are often several pre-installed applications. However, these apps cause a lot of problems with your phone’s battery life, processing speed, etc. But removing

bloatware is not a easy task. If you want to learn how to remove bloatware, please refer to this guide.

Everything seems to be fine now that you have removed all apps that are causing problems with your phone’s battery life, processing speed and efficiency. But if you really want to make changes to your body, then we have a few tips to share with you. Instead of using such apps, you can apply these tips and see the results. Let’s move on to the tips now.

Restart your device periodically

To give your phone a fresh start, always try to restart your phone periodically. Reason being, In today’s day to day hard task your phone seems to do low processing. For a reason like that, our phone needs a fresh start. Although it is not mandatory, if you want your phone to give its 100%, then this tip will be helpful.

Disable rarely used apps

There are many apps we have installed on our phone but rarely do we use them. In the background, these apps consume your phone’s battery as well as the efficiency of your processor. So, what you can do is disable such apps. You can do that through Settings >> Application management >> choose rarely used app >> disable/force stop.

Always update your software

When your phone isn’t working properly, it may be due to outdated software. For this, all you can do is update youe phone to the latest software version. The reason is outdated software updates restrict your phone’s ability to perform normal phone functions. So, update your phone through settings >> about phone >> software update.

Clean up storage

It is always important to keep one thing in mind, if your phone has 64GB of storage, keep at least 2 GB of free space on it. Your phone will function better as a result. 64GB is just for reference. You must know how much space is available for storage and how much space is free. Thanks for sharing this tip. I’m sure it will be helpful to you. As a pro tip, you can increase your phone storage through external storage device like SD card.

Conclusively, after removing these types of apps your phone will run more efficiently and you will be able to maximize your phone. To add more convenience, follow these tips to make your phone work more efficiently. I hope now you will see a drastic change in your phone’s usage efficiency. Even so, if any users have any questions, please ask them all below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What apps should be removed from Android?

Ans. Remove all such apps which have unrealistic background and promising irrelevant things.

Q2. How do I find suspicious apps on Android?

Ans. You can do that through play protect and scan apps through it.

Q3. Is removing bloatware can cause harm to my phone?

Ans. No, there is nothing harmful if you remove bloatware.

Q4. Is there any third-party app reliable for android phone?

Ans. Just know the developers and its ratings of that app, you will easily which third-party app best for your phone.