Redmi upcoming smartphone the Redmi 10x is going to be launched soon, where we have already been starting watching the teaser. The device seems to be quite promised him so let’s take a closer look towards the device and know about it.

Redmi 10X Highlights and Key Specifications

First Things First Redmi 10x is going to be powered by Industry-first MediaTek Dimensity 820 mobile processor. The device has been listed on AnTuTu benchmark with an internal model number M2004J7BC confirm the device to be a Redmi 10x.

The device achieved a score of 409449 points and performance test that most likely to be due to the additional GPU course make it a total of 5 cores. Hence the device is most likely to be better performing than its competitor.

Redmi 10X AnTuTu

The reason for the number that has been increasing rapidly is due to the higher clock speed up to 2.0 in between 2.6 gigahertz. According to the reports that side of the device is going to accomplish with an LPDDR4X ram and UFS Onboard storage.

Additionally, the device is going to be having and 5G connectivity with the highest speed and wife competitive against Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and Samsung Exynos 9810.

Xiaomi has officially confirmed that the device is going to be richly scheduled to launch on May 26th. The chipset on this device is not a flagship; instead, it is a budget range or premium budget used to give the craziest performance. Unfortunately, there is no for the details available about the device so far.

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