Which is useful, holographic sight or red dot sight in PUBG mobile, and why? Pubg Mobile is the game, Which Provided So many Sights Option. We are Gona having the Issue for Choosing the Best for Us & Suits all the Situation.

Difference Between Red Dot and Holographic Sights?

The Red Dot was the Most Obvious Choice, but It is Unnecessary We Have always had a Correct & Useful Choice for all. Every person has their Own Personal Preferences.

There is a Maor Difference Between Holo and Red Dot.

Holo Provide More Stability Compare to Red Dot.

If you Don’t Know, What is the Mean of Stability? Then Here is One Example. If you are Using holographic sight, then you feel that Spraying Was Smooth.

In Case of Red Dot, you having Issue With Cross Hair Bouncing all over Screen. I am Not Talking about the Recoil or Something Like, The Visual through Holo is Looking Like ore Stable.

Guns like M416, M16A4, UMP9, M762 Need More Stability Which Holo Provide but in Short Range Red Dot Become Good. While using AKM You Need none Kind of Compensator if you are Using Holo.

The Area of View

The Holo also Win it because of View Covered More Screen than Red Dot. This is one of the Major Difference Between HOLO. Because of HOLO You Barely Seen the Surrounding area of Body Target. In Case of Surrounding Red Dot having a Better View of Multiple Enemies and Surrounding.

Red Dot is Hard to Notice, and It takes time to Find Enemies But Holo Gives Brings Stability and Accuracy. While Holographic is as Easy as Using Laser and Quite a Clear Sight with No Distraction.

If I am Talking about Myself I Use Red Dot for No Reason a lot. It’s your Style of Playing Game and Depends on the Situation.

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