Season 5 Reloaded with the Rebirth Island, and comes with the a lot of exciting rewards and gifts. One of which free rewards. To Claim the rewards you can use the Redemption codes to add items to your inventatory. We have shared the quick guide to claim free rewards with the instructions mentioned down below.

Call of Duty Warzone Rebirth Bunker Code

  • CODE 1: 425-
  • CODE 2: -14-
  • CODE 3: -627
  • FINAL CODE: 42514627

How to Claim CoD Warzone Redeem Code

There are multiple easter eggs, to Get the free rewards you need to play the game for a while. We have mentioned the spot on the map which you can use to explore those easter eggs. Here is the complete guide to claim the access codes and get the rewards.

How to Open CoD Mobile Warzone Rebirth Island Golden Vaults

Launch CoD Warzone and enter the Rebirth Island Reinforced Map. Get to the Prisons Block area, and then there you will find Six Tv Remote on the Toilet-seat. Check the Red Light and in few moments your phone will ring. Listen carefully of your Phone instructions to get the access code. Next, Go to Golden Vaults on Rebirth and then enter the Code on the Golden Vaults. That’s it!
Your rewards will be added to your CoD Warzone inventatory, Not to mentioned you need to find Golden Vaults on each map of the Rebirth Island.
Since these unique code can only be redeem through the in-game, Thanks for checking these out if there is any query or want to share your request let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned for more further updates in future on same.