Recently, Realme launched it’s Realme 5-Series Smartphone and Here are Going to address the Realme 5 Smartphone. A Complete Review of a Smartphone With a Quad Camera Sensor Under ₹10,000. Is This is the New Benchmark for the Budget Segment, or We Need More things. We are going to Find that Out in this Article.

The Design on the Device is Not a New Design But Improved Laser Holographic Finish. Rear Panel is Manufacture Using a Polycarbonate Material, Looking like a
Mirror Design. Which is Not a Deal Breaker for Me, But there is that. The device is been a Quite Hefty in terms of Size and Weight But the Horrifying Part is that if you Push Some Pressure on the Rear Side.

Realme 5 Phone 2 Full Review: Problems before Buying into real life?

Then you Can also hear Some Creaks Near Sides of Your Fingerprint Sensor and the Camera. Build Quality on the Device is Not to Be Consider as Good. You have to have to buy a Good Case for Your Realme 5.

Additionally, Realme also included a humidity Protection Means Closing or Opening Near the Sim Tray, Battey, Spiker Grils or Other Gaps are Said to be Tightly Sealed With O-Rings and Rubber Gaskets. Moreover, Realme 5 Can Handle Splash but Not having an IP Rating I Guess.

Realme 5

it comes with a 6.5-inch LCD Display With a Waterdrop Notch on the top of Display. Realme Said, This Having a mini drop Notch a Smaller Version of Waterdrop notch. But the Waterdrop Notch is in Itself Mini Version of the Notch and a Mini drop Notch. The Mini drop Notch, The Regular Notch Which is already a Mini Version of Notch. Honestly…

The Device is Said to be having an 89% Screen-to-body ratio, But the Chin and the Notch are Not Look as Narrow. To Protect your Display, It using a Corning Gorilla Glass 3+ on the top. However, The Display Features a HD Resolution. Where The Display is not Look as Crispy and Sharp but you Would not Find any pixilation Either. Similarly, The Colors on the Display Look Good on the Screen and You Would Not Find any Sort of Oversaturation.

On the outdoor Condition, You will Find Some Problem. The Brightness of the Display is not as Good, Probably the Dim and Unlikely legibility is not Good. Not to mention, This is the First Smartphone to packed a Quad Camera Setup on the Rear Panel. Here the Rear Camera Equipped With 12MP primary Sensor Followed by 8MP ultra-Wide + 2MP Depth and a 2MP Macro Lens.

We are Expecting a lot From the Device Camera But While Testing; We Find that the Device 12MP Shooter Does a Good Job during Daylight Condition. The Images Manage to Capture Good Color and Saturation but Look Slightly Overexposed. The Dynamic Range Was not Impressive Either, Nothing to Worry about it but We Don’t Find images particular Sharp.

Realme 5

During the Low-Light Condition, The Device Suffers Frequently like any other Smartphone in this Price Segment. Meanwhile, if you use a nightscape Mode. You can Capture images Look Sharper and Look Significantly better than the Normal mode.

While using Wide-angle Camera, You Will Not go to Notice any Color Shifting Issues But the Images Look Overexposed Sometime. Not to Complain about Because
of Having an Ultra-Wide angles Leon at this Price is a Bonus. moving to 2MP Depth Sensor, This Work Quite Impressive Capturing Portrait Images Blur Look Natural
and Edge Detection Was Impressive as Well. The thing is that the Images using portrait Look Softer than From the Normal images.

Now Talking about the Fourth lens, That is the Macro Lens Used to Capture Short Distance Images. The Macro Lens allows you to Capture Tiny objects, To capture Best Make a Distance of 4CM. Don’t Expect a lot Because it having a 2MP Sensor, So Despite its Capability to Capture macro Shots the Shot Don’t Look at Impressive as they Having a Lack of Detail.

Realme 5

So I Found the Macro Lens to be rather gimmicky Most of the Time. , I prefer to Use Primary Sensor and use 2x Zoom, Better Shots. Talking about the Zoom Capability, you can here Zoom up to 5X. Zooming on the Device is Completely Digital Means you Will Lose Detail With Every Single Zoom.

On Front, You Get a 13MP Selfie Sensor Packed Inside the mini drop. I am completely Satisfying With the Selfies With Enough Details and Good Colors. Here, You Would not Find any Sort of Overexposed. Even the Portrait Selfies are Good But With Software optimisation, the Edge Dectation Doesn not Look Perfect. Still, it is usable Most of the Time.

You can use this Device to Record Video in 720p, 1080p and 4K resolution at 30fps. Although there is no Stabilisation, You Will find a Stabilized 720p and 1080p Vides. Considering Color the Phone’s Price the Video Quality look Sharpness also Look Good.

Latest Benchmark for the budget phones?

In the Terms of Performance, The Device is Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Soc Coupled With Triple Memory variant as 3+32GB, 4+64GB and 4+128GB. Unlike the Realme 5 Pro you did not get any UFS Storage, Means Having an eemc Storage So No Ulta-Fast Read and Write Speed. You Can Expand the Storage using Dedicate MicroSD Card Slot up to 256GB.

You Can Play Pubg Mobile at Low Settings, playing Game at High Setting you Find Some Stutters. Which is Understandable Consider at this Price Point. On the Software front, The Device runs on Android 9.0 Pie-based Custom Skin ColorOS 6 out of the Box. The ColorOS is not the Best UI made for Realme, Also Most of the bloatware. Further, most of these Apps can be Uninstalled this is not a big issue.

The phone has Widevine L3 L3 protection Means you can term Use Streaming Service in HD. if the Realme provide the L1 Certification through an Update that Would be Great. To Power the Device It packed a massive 5000mAh battery and Using a low-Resolution HD Display Would run the Battery longer along ColorOS battery Optimisation is impressive. I Guess, the battery Could usable for Two Days on normal Use. The Realme 5 Barely Uses any Battery When it is on Standby and We Find Genuinely Impressive.

To Refile the Juice, You Get 10W Charging Adapter Bundled Inside the Box. To Charge the Device Completely It takes around 3.5Hours. For Security, You Get the Rear Mounted Fingerprint Sensor Which is Quite Fast Biometric accurate and Reliable. The Face Unlock using Selfie Camera is Preety Fast but Not as Secure. Bottom Speaker is not as Impressive at all.

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The Realme 5 Starting price in India is ₹9,999 for 3/32GB, ₹10,999 for 4/64GB and Lastly ₹11,999 for 4/128GB With Crystal Blue and Purple. Thanks for Being With us, Write your Opinion and Feedback in the Comment Section Down below, Stay tuned for More Further updates in the future.




  • Great Processor
  • Quad Camera Setup
  • Long-Lasting Battery


  • Low-Resolution HD Display
  • Cheap Build Quality
  • Gimmicky 2MP Macro Camera
Design and Build Quality
Quad Rear Camera
Selfie Shooter
ColorOS on Realme
Price to Performance

Final Verdict

The device is Impressive but not in Terms of build Quality. Also, The Display is Not as Impressive With nits Levek and 2MP Macro is Nothing but just a Gimmicky. Having a Device on Budget Device Completly Make Sense. under the hood, The Device With a Very Capable Processer and a Huge battery.