PUBG Mobile regularly tries to give the new features to make it fun for players, and these updates keep the game balanced. But this companion doesn’t give advantage to the players; it is only enjoyable to watch it to flying around you. PUBG Mobile was introduced the companion feature last year with the falcon that the single companion available in the game as yet.


In November 2019, this feature was introduced in the game, and PUBG allows players to unlock a companion for free in the event. Now the event has already over so you cannot get a companion for free from that event, here let’s find out the ways which are available right now to unlock PUBG Mobile Companion for free.

Get Falcon Companion in Fury of the Wasteland in PUBG Mobile for Free?

When you click on the gift box icon on the bottom right of the home screen, then open a themed section. For getting a Falcon companion for free, players have to collect 50 companion shades. In the themed section, the Summon Companion Team-Up, there will be a giveaway of Companion shades and when the players finish all the missions like logging in and completing three or five matches, etc.

How to unlock PUBG Mobile Companion for free

Quick Guide: How to Unlock Falcon Companion in PUBG Mobile for Free 2020

Now, the companion event is over, but you will get a Falcon companion from an in-game shop, and the price of the Falcon companion in the shop is 1,500 UC. In PUBG Mobile, UC is the currency that can only purchase with real money, although there are still some ways of getting a Falcon companion for free. These three ways to help you to get UC in PUBG Mobile for free.

PUBG Mobile Bonus challenge

It is a feature in PUBG Mobile, which used to giving rewards to players who are having excellent skills in the game, and for Indian PUBG Mobile players, this is an exclusive feature. You will need to use bonus challenge vouchers to enter this challenge and get three free bonus challenge vouchers every week throughout the event in the PUBG Mobile game.

There are some modes to choose, which is Classic Erangel or TDM. The Classic Erangel mode will give more battle coins, and it recommended picking that mode. After the match, you will get a Battle coin based on your placement and kills when you collect a sufficient amount of Battle coins, you will exchange them in UC. For each 1000 Battle coins, you will get 100 UC.

Looking For Giveaways And In-Game Events

Quick Guide: How to Unlock Falcon Companion in PUBG Mobile for Free 2020

In PUBG Mobile, some events will give free UC, but they are only for certain countries; sometimes, they are rare. Some PUBG Mobile organizations and steamers are having a lot of UC giveaways during the big event so you can check out as well. Redeem codes are another way of getting some free UC or free Companion.

Meanwhile, these types of methods for getting a UC are hard to find, except you will spend much time finding them. And it would be best if you did not believe easily to all UC generator websites on the internet because they are scam sites to get your information.

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Other Ways To Unlock Companion In PUBG Mobile

It is hard to unlock a companion for free in PUBG Mobile, but it will more comfortable to get it if you are ready to pay a small amount of money. You can also buy that account of players who have a companion, but they don’t want to pay PUBG Mobile longer.

You need to make sure that they will not scam your money. PUBG Mobile will set a scale for a companion in the shop that reduces its price. PUBG Mobile offered a companion discount pack for 500 UC last month for a limited time, but it is over now. Although this type of offers always come back, then you will get you, companion, from kind of offer.

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