As we already know that PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games. Yet many players are facing some heating issues while they are playing PUBG Mobile. It may also lag your device, which is destroy your gaming experience while playing this game. So there are some tips to reduce heating issues while you are facing in the game. Let’s discuss it.

Tips To Reduce Heating Issues 

There are many ways to reduce heating issues when playing PUBG Mobile, but here we discuss five essential tips that help minimize heating issues on your device while playing.

Remove Your Device Cover When You Are Playing

Several people are using smartphone cover for protection and making their phones looking better. Although the smartphone covers also prevent your phone from releasing temperature, your device gets hotter because your device does not release heat properly. Accordingly, you will remove your smartphone cover for cooling down your device while you are playing PUBG Mobile.

You Should Turn Off Third-Party App

The second tip is that you should avoid using third-party apps. These types of apps are only using your device RAM and ROM, and it will raise heating issues in your device and also causing lag your gaming experience when you are playing games. Therefore, you don’t install a lot of third-party apps if they are useless.

Do Not Play Games Under Sunlight

When you are playing PUBG Mobile direct in the sunlight, this will make heating issues in your device because the sun rays increase your device’s temperature, and your phone will be heated. By this, you will also face lagging when you are playing the games. You want to solve this problem, and then you must play PUBG Mobile under the shade or room light.

Stop Playing PUBG Mobile During Charging

Almost all the players are often playing PUBG Mobile during charging. It will make your device overheated because of your battery will do two functions in a single time. So it will harm your cell as well as your phone also getting harm.

Remove Background Apps

You will remove all the background apps before opening the PUBG Mobile game app. Eliminating these background apps before playing will release your device storage and make your device faster. It will also help you to reduce overheating and lagging issues. These background apps increase high ping problems, So it is better to turn off all these background apps to avoid heating issues. 

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