Since the PUBG Mobile launch, it is one of the most popular Battle Royale game. In this game, players can connect with a lot of people from across the world. As PUBG Mobile has grown up, then the cheating and hacking will also be grown up. Tencent has continuously banned accounts of those who have tried to hack or do cheating while playing the game, deliberately or accidentally. If you are a PUBG player and try to hack or cheat in the game, your account has been banned for ten years. PUBG Mobile has officially released a video on YouTube a couple of months back where they unveil how they fight against hackers and cheaters in the game. PUBG Mobile will focus mainly on the solo game mode because there are more chances that players are doing Team-Ups in solo for improving their ranking.

If you want to know how to avoid your account banned in PUBG Mobile, let’s discuss some ways.

Ways to avoid banned in PUBG Mobile for ten years

There have many Methods to Avoid 10 Year Banned in PUBG Mobile, But Mainly three Methods to avoid 10 Year Banned in PUBG mobile

played your game fair

Previously PUBG Mobile has made it clear that they tolerant those players who come to cheating in the game. If you are a cheater, the Tier doesn’t matter for PUBG Mobile, and you will be banned. Fair play is expected from all the players, PUBG Mobile also says that its security system will automatically detect 95% of bans and violation of the players. This game uplift all players to report against hackers or cheaters. When many players report against you, then PUBG Mobile will conduct a checking on you, and you will be found at fault, then your account banned for ten years.

Avoid Team-Ups with your opponents.

In PUBG Mobile, you are playing solo, duo, or squad, and then it is expected from you that you should be fair with the game and do not Team-Ups with your opponents. In solo mode, players having a higher chance of Team-Ups for pushing their rank. If you are caught and those players you have Team-Up with, you all are in a high rise to getting a ban in PUBG Mobile.

Stop buying UC from Unauthorized sellers.

Most of the players come across extensive Unauthorized buying services that are available on social media sites. Tencent games issued a warrant regarding this at the very beginning of this year. Tencent Games will not be responsible for any loss of your illegally purchased UC or anything you will buy with that UC and the harshness of your action. You will get a ban.

Meanwhile, if you are already avoiding this type of thing, then there is no practical chance of getting your account banned. If any of the above steps occur with you, you should avoid it next time. So, play your game fairly and enjoy it.


Q. How Do I Unban My PUBG Mobile Account?

If you are using a cheat software or hacks and you will be founded by the anti-cheat system of PUBG Mobile, then firstly, you should stop this type of cheating and play like a normal player instead of searching on the internet that how do I Unban My PUBG Mobile Account. Otherwise, you will not do anything instead of waiting for the end of the ban in 10 years.

Your Account Will Be Banned For Violating Regulations Of PUBG Mobile?

On Saturday, PUBG Mobile announced that they apply a ten-year ban on players if they are founded violating the gaming standards. By using unnecessary things, third party apps, etc.

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