FREE FIRE is a battle royal game that is similar to the other battle royal games like PUBG lite. It was released on 20 November 2017 for Android and iOS available on both Google Play Store and the App Store, respectively. Free fire is an online multiplayer game featuring a voice and message chat option.

This game support all the solo, duo, and squad Mode was featuring two major classic maps. This game is developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED, and the latest version of the game was officially launched on 15 June 2020. Likely, this game requires a free fire account to run, and the game account is also get Banned players if someone violet the terms of services issue by GARENA.


  • You can easily get back your account if you can play your game without outsourcing or additional scripts.
  • FREE FIRE is an online battle royal game identical to the PUBG Mobile lite.
  • You can also get support for any Query from Garena Free Fire customer support.


Their several incidences happen about players get banned or suspended because of common cheating or unfair method used to be during gameplay. However, When plays the game using scripts, and then the enemy didn’t have an equal advantage since you have more perspective to knock down your opponents.

This is a violation of Garena Terms af services of the game; hence it affects your account get suspended by Garena. Some players in-game try to cheat by using an unfair method for increasing the ranking in the game or just ruin the game, but this is not supposed to be good for other players who are playing with you in the same match.

So these players report for the unfair gameplay cause them to decrease their ranking meanwhile directly affecting your account alongside your teammates as well, and if Garena find some cheating and unfair method in your game, then they give you suspension for your account.


If you find to play games using some type of cheating or unfair method, then according to the terms and conditions of the game, you are not able to unban your account, suggesting your account to be ban permanently.

If you do not use any unfair method and find to block your account by some unfair reports of players or any other reason, it could be happening because the game you were supposed to play includes an unfair or script-based player used to play with you in that particular game. Then you can able to unban your account. Notably, you can unban account by using these steps that are given below.


It is quite easy if you have not done anything wrong, Sincerely following the steps given down below.

  1. Go to the browser of your device and open the Garena customer support website.
  2. Now select Email us option on the website of Garena.
  3. Then describe your issue by using Email in the detailed analog with using a suitable subject.
  4. Now summit your issue. The game customer support will reach you as soon as possible.

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