It will a new Season 7 as announced by PUBG. And also a new teaser from the devs is preparing us for a reworked Vikendi map. PUBG had previously in a clip shown us what a reworked Vikendi could look like. That earlier clip tweeted in the first week of March. The new video revealed the reworked Dino Land and even the addition of trains. The video titled to ‘Seven’ which indicates that Season 6 is coming to an end soon and Season 7 is set to coming soon. The season 7 is live on the game tester’s server on its official launch on 21st April With a headline “a revamped version of vikendi map”.

Vikendi removed from PUBG’s map rotation for a few months ago. pubg has made many changes in the map as per the feedback of users. For beginners, Several places have removed, expanded, or relocated. Dinopark, which is one of the largest areas. Abbey has transferred to Mount Kreznik, moreover, the cover added to the town of Volnova, while Tovar and Movatra have removed outright. The southern half of the island also have less snow on which results to improve visibility. And, the snow bikes have been interchanged with standard motorcycles.

In season 7, there is also an addition of railways which spreads on all over the map. Basically, there are 12 train stations with nine engines between them, and you can ride these trains to get to other areas quickly. You can also able to shoot while riding trains or get run over by trains, so be careful. PUBG is PUBG’s first true quick-travel system in PUBG, and like vehicles. It means to create interesting points of conflict while giving players different ideas to get escape.

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