Pubg is one of the most popular games around the world, and the game has recently updated to the meanwhile the game seems to be added some new feature with the latest version so let’s take a closer look to know more about it. Meanwhile, the game seems to be added some new feature with the latest version so let’s take a closer look toward it at know more about it.

PUBG PC 7.2 Highlights

First Things First, they have received a new rank mode alongside a quite similar feature to the Fortnite. The game has also received the Boss on the game, and it seems like a very controversial topic among players and suggest you make it clear no addition to the bots.

Bots basically help to develop new skills alongside improvement in gameplay, which most likely to be also added because there were some players who did not get any kill during the match. The update has been live to play on your regular PUBG PC.

Having said that the bots not going to appear in Rank mode suggesting a quite intense match with real to Real Player. Furthermore pubg mobile has the bots for a very long time since it Launched in 2018.

Additionally, the total play accounting would be reduced to their 64 real players and others would-be bots so far. Hence they will appear across all classic maps except ranked match while console players are also going to receive the same update on May 26 as per the schedule.

Pubg mobile 7.2 also bring season 7 that having a new Lotus pond Norcross respond and red zone remover alongside motor gliding removal and more things to be added in a compensation. There is a slight change in the interface alongside minor changes in sound and skins. Overall its means you would go to experience complete redesign game.

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