As we all know PUBG Mobile’s 1.5 released with a Royal pass almost one month ago, that means it is the
right time to introduce new royalpass. Although, PUBG Mobile allows every royal pass for two months
and upto 100 levels. But, the first royal pass of 1.5 Update is allowed to work for one month and Upto
50 levels. Interestingly, the official social media handle of PUBG Mobile tweeted a new post in which
they asked their users for the RPM2.

Moreover, they are doing an all new Giveaway for which they gently want to know the users
expectations regarding RPM2, also Officials introduced an offer to get this new RPM2 for free. So In this
article, we will discuss about PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update RPM2 and other relevant topics to it.

What is RPM2 in PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update?

As we have above mentioned that the PUBG Mobile’s 1.5 Update first Royale pass is set to be end soon.
So, it can expect that the new royale pass will be launch soon. And, RPM2 means the royale pass
functioning for second month of 1.5 Update.

What Announcement did PUBG done regarding RPM2?

From the official twitter handle, PUBG Mobile has tweeted that we are all set to launch the RPM2 for 1.5
Update. So, the prominent users are requested to answer their expectation in the comment box. Meanwhile, it directly indicating that the RPM2 soon to be launch.

However, the specific statement is as -“What are your expectations in the Upcoming RPM2 and answer your key expectation in the comment box. Moreover, Tag your friend #PUBGMRPM and get a chance to win RPM2 for free”.

What are the Basis for Choosing winner for Free RPM2?

As the official notification, we have listed out some key basics for the selection of winner to get freeRPM2. So, Here are those –

  • Maximum 20 Winners will be Selected.
  • Each winner offers a royale pass elite upgrade card.
  • Winners will be shortlisted randomly through the Community team.

Note – if any PUBG Mobile Community member seems to be using several accounts to get various
rewards, entries for this event move on to disqualify and will be restricted from all upcoming events.

How to get PUBG Mobile’s Upcoming RPM2 for Free?

As above, we stated the official announcement in which they also announce to offer RPM2 to the lucky
winner. For which various users are eager to know the participation procedure for RPM2 Giveaway

Note – Complete the RPM2 Giveaway event procedure, because the event will run from 10th August to
13th August 2021, after this period you can’t access to the Giveaway event.

  1. Firstly, Head to PUBG Mobile’s tweet regarding RPM2.
  2. Then, Comment you expectations for RPM2.
  3. Next, Tag your know teammates and Squads with #PUBGRPM2.
  4. Hence, You will be entered shortly.

Hopefully, we can now expect that you all guys have Accurate content about PUBG Mobile Offering free RPM2 on the celebration of 1.5 Update. And, also well-known about other relevant topics relating to the RPM2 Giveaway event. With connected to this, If any user has any query share them with us in the comment section down below.