PUBG mobile lite has now initially joined the Easter event during this lockdown because of which the players get the chance to win exciting rewards. This event has also called Golden egg Hunt. It will last until 16 April and will be available in the events. We will make sure you that this event will enhance your gaming skill as well as your learning too. The developer has been integrated both PUBG mobile and a lite version with content as the lite version gets the new maps, which are to be designed to meet the lower system objections mainly.

There are many events coming, but this is the best event as it gives you the chance to earn as well as exchange. To earn rewards from these events, the players have to collect Golden easter eggs from the daily quests. They can also exchange in the event shop for the reward. The players have to receive large no. of golden eggs as much as he can only just by logging into daily.

are the rewards which can be exchanged with Golden eggs in the following ways –

  • Cuddly Chicken – 50 golden eggs (Note – only for seven days)
  • Mission card – 15 golden eggs.
  • Outfit coupon scrap – four golden eggs.
  • Premier outfit coupon – eight golden eggs.

Only during this season can you use Mission cards, which will unlock daily challenge missions. Chicken Pan is available, but you can get it in only seven days by exchanging fifty golden eggs. But, Many of you know that Pan is more potent than the other weapons as it allows you to kill instantly with one shot on the head of the enemies.

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