PUBG is the most popular game in India. You can play PUBG on your PC and mobile as well. The full name of PUBG is PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND which is designed by BRENDAN GREENE and developed by PUBG CORPORATION on 30 July 2016 it is the launch date of PUBG.

PUBG requires an internet connection for play because it is an online game. They require internet speed for play PUBG are showing on your screen in the form of ping on the left side of the play area. This ping goes high then your PUBG start’s lacking, and this ping goes down your PUBG runs very smoothly. Everyone wants to play PUBG smoothly, but some internet problems stop our PUBG or start lacking problem with PUBG.


  • PUBG MOBILE minimum required 2GB of RAM and at least 5.1.1 Lollipop of OS.
  • Ping is very important in online gaming.

What is Ping in PUBG Mobile

Reduce Ping

You can be see ping in all the online games, and you can see ping in PUBG as well. The ping is a feature that shows your internet connection during you are in the play area. This ping is gone high between 400 and 1000 then your game is not playable here because your internet connection is going bad in this ping and ping goes low between blow 100 then your game runs very smoothly here because your internet connection is very good here and your ping shows between 250 and 400 then your connection is decent here your game is in playable condition here, but you can face some lacking here. Ping is very important during your play PUBG.

Minimum speed for play PUBG.

PUBG minimum speed requirements are as the wall.

Your internet speed should be:

  • 3-5 MBPS of download speed
  • 0.5-1 MBPS of upload speed

This internet speed gives you very smooth performance on high graphics, and you can also play PUBG on ultra-high mode on this speed.

How to fix PUBG MOBILE internet speed Problem.

We suggest two suggestion to improve your internet connection.

Suggestions 1:

  •  You can use VPN for improving your internet speed.

Suggestions 2:

  • Go to your device settings and disable your sim card which you use to internet connection or your device which you use for a device
  • Restart your sim car or device and reconnected your connection

Note: this step to improve your internet speed during you catch all the required networks.


Reduce Ping

PUBG is supported by many devices like Microsoft Windows, Android, IOS, Xbox One, Sony play station 4, and Stadia. The launch date of PUBG for Microsoft Windows is 20 December 2017 and for Android and iOS are 19 March 2018 and for Xbox One is 4 September 2018, and for Play station 4 are 7 December 2018 and for Stadia is 20 April 2020. The engine of PUBG is Unreal Engine v4, and this game is inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royal.