If you Playing PUBG Then you Knew that Pushing Ranking, Tracking Gameplay Stat and Checking earlier Match Result is Best Thing to Start With.

Nowadays, Much harder to Reach Diamond Tier. We all Know that Pubg Mobile Save all Our Resolute, Means You can See Past 30 Days Match results. How to View Your Match Result and Statistics in Pubg Mobile.


All You need to Do is Click on your Profile Picture to See all your Profile Data, Focusing on the Statis and Carrer Results Mention at the Bottom.

How to View Gameplay Statistics?

You can Watch your Combat Skills and Survival Skills. However the Survival Skills includes Longest Survival Streak, Average Survival, Longest Distance Travel,
Win Ratio, Headshot and many Other Things. Combat Skills Statistics is all about the Headshot Count, Most Kills, Average Damage, Accuracy Etc.

You can Watch your Gameplay Statistics Using these Following Steps Mention Below.

How to View Stats?

This Page is like Result Page, We See at the End of Match. But Here your Solo, Duo and Squad Classic Match Includes along Your best Kill Per Match, Survival Time and Headshot Accuracy Included. Here are your Final Stats to Look and Focus on What you Should be Perform Better Next time.

Here are the Steps and Tutorial.

Step 1: Open your Game Known as PUBG Mobile
Step 2: Tap on Your Profile at the Right Side of the Lobby.
Step 3: Select the Statistic Tab

Now There is your Gameplay Statics of Solo, Duo and Squad. At the Top of Setting in Statics limits. You Can Switch Between TPP and FPP and Server. You can Pay Attention to a Particular Thing you need to Focus.

How to View Carrer Results?


Similar to Gameplay Statics, Carrer Result also Be One of the Important things to Know before Playing Match. This Page Include Rank, Gaming Mode, Score and Kills. You Need to Tap on Explore More to View Carrer Results Just Below of Statics Menu choice.

Then you need to Click on Explore More Option, Shown as Arrow. That’s Result was Complete in Past 30 Days. That’s How you can View Your Carrer Result in Pubg Mobile

What You Can Learn From your Match Stats?

If you Want to Gamers or You are a Gamer, then you Should Need How you can Watch Stats. Also, You can now Be Focusing on Your Weakness it’s Worth Checking your Statistic at the End of Day or Season.

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